Twilight Green

Twilight Green


You LOVE Twilight Green. The only band creating hook filled original songs with stage presence that god would envy. They're out of their minds and out of this world. Twilight Green reign the stage supreme worldwide.


Twilight Green was spawned from 2 brothers and their best friend that at the age of 4 had a dream to be the greatest band EVER. 15 years later...they are. With 6 members of all different musical backgrounds Twilight Green dominates with originality. From smashing guitars to gettin the crowd singing and headbanging with them on stage, Twilight Green has created an all new musical experience. With more energy than a bull on steroids their stage presence outshines the competition. These fun loving party animals win over every crowd with there deep hearted rock and crowd connectivity.

"Twilight Green are brilliant, and always get a good response on my show."
Johnny Lewis - KMFM Presenter.

"Twilight Green are a truly talented group of lads."
John Gallen - Studio Engineer (Queen, Simply Red, Motorhead).

"Its hard to ignore the potential of this band."
Dave Nicholls - FOH Engineer (Slipknot, Dragonforce).

"A cross between Incubus and Aerosmith, i enjoyed listening to their album."
Steve Meluish - UK Sounds.

"Refreshing new band with incredible energy on stage."
John Robb - Singer for Goldblade.

"Impressive new sounds, can't wait to have them back again."
Jamie - Director of CSR Radio.

"Insane live performance, outshined the competition."
John Surdevan - Independant film Director.

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Twilight Green - (Self Titled Album) - 2010

Set List

Our set varies from show to show. Our full set can go for upto 1hr 30mins. Tracks are listed below (all covers are marked).

Need For Speed
Cold Steel
Hello Stanger Lady
On The Road
Too High
Love Lies
Come See me
When I Take No Time
Riding On Up To See You
I See No Ships
My Woman
Whole Lot Of Nothing
Im Like A Tiger
Only A Dream
Foxy Lady (Jimmi Hendrix Cover)