Twilight Odyssey

Twilight Odyssey


The best of the last 20 years of heavy metal rolled into one.


Twilight Odyssey crawled from the primordial metal muck in November, 2002.

While working in a progressive band known as "Urshurak" (admit it geek, you know what we're talking about), guitarist Ben Asaro and drummer Sal Pellerito happened upon one Pamela "P.J." Berlinghof, a diminutive, tattooed vocalist of the female persuasion.

PJ and Ben rapidly developed a prolific writing partnership producing material that incorporated their favorite classic metal influences (AKA - "the drunken 80's) along with the more challenging elements of progressive music (AKA - "the drunken 90's). Soon after, guitarist Dan Castro and bassist Gennady Khirich stepped in to complete the line-up. The band made their debut opening for Angra at the world famous L'Amour in November of 2002. A 3 song demo was released in 2003 and T.O. signed to Italy's SteelHeart Records the following year. Due to "business conflicts" (tact, tact, tact!) with Steelheart, the band ultimately decided to stick to their guns and release the album independently.

Twilight Odyssey has performed with such well-known acts as Jag Panzer, Testament , Trouble, October 31, Symphony X, Pain Museum, Overkill, Angra and Nightwish, has been featured in magazines like Rock Brigade, Progression, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles and Rock Hard.

In addition, T.O. has also been at the core of New Yorks "United in Metal" tour and has participated in "UIM" shows with bands such as Zandelle, Gothic Knights, Magus Beast, and Overlorde. Recent developments include signings with Risestar Promotions and distribution deals with Old School Records (USA), Hitman Records (Japan) and Hellion Records (Germany/Brazil).

The band has appeared (and occassionally disappeared) at numerous festivals including March Metal Meltdown, Classic Metal Fest, Metal Mind Rage and A Whole Fucking Weekend of Metal's Metalicious Metalness (O.K., we made that last one up) . With radio play in over 30 countries and an annual draw of over 200,000 visitors to their independent web site, T.O. is poised to continue running the show on their own terms and being at the vanguard of the underground scene...or at the very least remaining unappreciated in their time.

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Twilight Odyssey ( 2005 )

Set List

Typical Set List:

Plaza De Toros
Long Day's Journey Into Night
Zero Hour
The Endless Days of a Stranger

Our sets generally range anywhere from 30-60 minutes. We only do original material.