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When hearing Twilight Sentinels, it’s easy to mentally wander back to the “Golden Era” of hip-hop. Their 100% sample based music is a refreshing departure from the keyboards and synth drums of today's rap music. They've shared the stage with The Roots, De La Soul, The Cool Kids and many others.


When hearing the music of Twilight Sentinels, it’s easy to mentally wander back to the “Golden Era” of hip-hop. They have adopted the sentiment from the “true school” while incorporating the originality and artistry that cannot be mistaken. Twilight Sentinels have a foundation on what it takes to be a respected hip-hop group. The ingredients include no egos, no bullshit and no attitudes, allowing the group to dictate their own sound and style and oppose the force-fed monotony which has run rampant in today’s music marketplace. Their 100% sample based instrumentation is a refreshing departure from the keyboard sonics and synth drums of present-day rap music.

Based out of Indianapolis, IN, this group consists of Joe Harvey (Sektion 31), Mic L. Night, (Mab Lab, People Vs. Radio )and DJ Topspeed (Scribble Jam, Animal Crackers). These three seasoned veterans hit the stage with a dynamic presence and a carefully crafted set with the intent of delivering an unforgettable performance. They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with industry legends like The Roots, De La Soul and Kool Keith along with underground mainstays Gift of Gab, Lateef the Truth Speaker, Ohmega Watts, The Perceptionists, Cunninlynguists and Mac Lethal just to name a few.

Twilight Sentinels’ self produced work speaks volumes of their concise ability and dedication to their trade and with the release of their debut album titled “Meanwhile……” on St. Louis based F5 Records (Notable tracks include “Connect the dots” an infectious song laced with an upbeat jazzy groove; “Move You” a conscious laden samba joint; “Smokescreen” a powerful basement rocker) it's only a matter of time before others will be asking, “Have you heard Twilight Sentinels yet?”.


Connect the dots

Written By: Joe Harvey and Mike Graves


life runs nonstop,
you only get one shot,
you better make sure you connect the dots (repeat 3x)
life runs nonstop, hey, hey
hip hop nonstop, ho, ho.

verse 1:

I stay hype burn mics with confidence, a little common sense,
been fightin' that matrix ever since, kid left the crib, lookin' for the light, I'ma be alright, as long me and harv stay tight like anti-star, smoke so many cloves lungs black like tar.

what you've heard thus is just a hint of the twilight, joe harvey hittin' points that you keep finite, so mic night keep it tight makin' it sound right, with speed in the back on the cuts until daylight.

they say skies the limit, until you hit it, you're either one size fits all or you're fitted, you can get caught in it, or escape like a whirlwind, don juan magic julius erving.

we got you hurtin', better puts some work in, but you're slack with the rap and actin' a jerk and, we do it the opposite, keepin' it prosperous, and steady for year no matter how hard it gets, if this is it we keep reachin' for the summit, we keep doing what we're doing everytime that we run it.


verse 2:

drinkin' drivin' lyin' swervin', it's four in the mornin' and the birds are chirpin', ya classic merlin left ya hips a hurtin, you was flirtin' with danger gettin' dick from a stranger,

to the rescue rangers your chips is stale, thought you knew the key to success but then you failed, got derailed trying the grind, became dust in the wind and left behind, didn't see the sign that said get right, so what comes next either death or life.

sick knowledge is here but I'm not all there, sometimes the answer seems so clear, but it seems so near, but it's hard to hear, and it's hard to touch through the mucky muck, you see the world gets in the way sometimes, so I clock out to write these rhymes,

because it's hard to find that peace of mind, when you reach those nines, then you really start to find, that time is always the winning opponent, and you realize that you never stood a chance to own it.


verse 3:

you gotta focus, aim, pull the trigger then, BLOW, watch out now, here come ya chance, vroom, there it goes, will it come back, nobody knows, so stay on ya toes, and stay on ya flows, ya missed ya chance once cause you was stuck on hoes or stuck on dough, oh well now ya know, that you reap what you sow, so stay on the go.

from taoist to marxist, we're down to spark this, and do it for the memory, of the dearly departed, and keep it whole hearted from the han to the ganges, cause if you got a plan A you better have a plan B, on standby, we hot to death that's a damn lie, we hot to life that's reason why we try, the hardest to pass the title of local artist, and connect all the dots that life has to offer.




-Preliminary Hearing EP available on Audio Reconnaissance

-The Album Isn't Even Out Yet Remix EP available on Audio Reconnaissance

-"Meanwhile..." available on F5 Records.

all available on itunes, emusic, Vcast and others.

you can download our album at this link for free:

Set List

-Twilight time intro
-The Intro
-Hearin' Now
-I got a...
-Keep up
-Obey the fist
-Connect the dots
-Move you
-Bring you back outro

our set can run 30 to 60 minutes.