Twin Kite

Twin Kite

 Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Krai, RUS

Melodic music for human soul.


Twin Kite is famous region artist, performing in Asia as singer, guitarist, songwriter and working as music composer and producer for domestic FM radio, drama theater, TV channels with own original music. He use own home studio equipment for creating beautiful and memorable music and have been nominated as best singer-songwriter and melodist.


Now And Here (Gypsy's romance)

Written By: Vasily Kazantsev (EanYun) & Elize Witte

By Vasily Kazantsev (EanYun)
English lyrics verse by Elize Witte

Now and Here

There’s One lonely string sound
It Is slowly dying down.
I drink my share of dues.
They are quite a good few.

Anyway, one more time,
Let us taste from the wine.
It is all now and here
Till one day love appears.
We do live only once.
Better catch up the chance,
Now and here in this gypsy’s romance.

Verse 2:
Eyes of beauty in blue
Will beweep for my dues.
All the days that have passed
Won’t return back to us.


A new sun rises up.
Who’ll be granted with luck?
There’s no way we can know,
But we’ll keep holding on.



My music flying free....

Set List

Yes, i sing covers for money about 12 songs per set (45 min.)