Twin Cam

Twin Cam


Power-packed anthems that capture what it's like to live in the heart of america: Where you try too hard to be cool, chase after the girl you can't have, and be honest with everyone except yourself. Melding big riffs with infectious melodies, Twin Cam flexes punk rock sense and pop rock smarts.


This Columbus, Ohio trio emerged onto the scene in 2002 with their forceful and direct brand of pop rock. Mike Sammons (vocals, drums), Mark Borror (guitar, vocals), and Chad Scholtisek (bass, vocals) first joined up in the spring of 2000 in their native Columbus Ohio.

Early success with demo material earned them a spot on the Vans Warped Tour in both 2001 and 2002, as well as recognition as one of Rolling Rock's Unsigned Bands for their Town Fair in 2001.

Through countless touring and demo sessions, the trio cut their first full-length in the summer of 2002, Stealing Souvenirs. With primary tracks recorded in 2 days at Schwab Studios in Columbus, the band released the album on independent label Striped Ape Records in October 2002. A roaring blend of early 90's power and new wave 80's pop, the album's charged-up riffs and melodic lyric patterns were just what fans were looking for.

From Souvenirs, the single "Territories and Boundaries" made it's way onto's "Best of" Compilation for 2003. "Wonderdays" was featured on the band's own Budweiser True Music Live radio commercial airing throughout Ohio.

Twin Cam has had the fortune of playing with Unwritten Law, Mest, Apollo Sunshine, Less Than Jake, Rancid, Blondie, Oleander, Joan Jett, Student Rick, The Booda Velvets, Rainer Maria, and Ultimate Fakebook.


Varsity Jacket

Written By: Twin Cam

She still wears the varsity jacket
That he gave her when they we're attracted too,
Popularity, and sitting alone on that old tattered sleeve.

She puts on her face when she wakes up,
It's hard to believe that she handled the break -up
She don't know what to believe,
Was she the first one to go, or the last one to leave

Found it back in the discount rack, at the thrift store
No cash, no check, she wants it back
So she heads out the back door

This could be forever,
unravels like a sweater
Trade this varsity jacket in
with the letter pin
trade it in forever
Varsity Jacket

We all want to be great,
but it kinda defined the class of 98
There's more than it seemed
sitting alone on that old tattered sleeve

So has he forgotten already?
Was it going to hell or were they going steady?
Right now she don't even know
He was the last to arrive, and the first one to go

Don't let go, don't let go
It's all I know, all I know
Don't let go, don't let
It's all I know


Twin Cam 6-song EP - 2005
Oh Yeah! (Single) - 2003
Stealing Souvenirs LP - 2002
Speedholes 4-song EP - 2001
Columbus Day LP -2000

Set List

45-60 minutes sets of original music with a good mix of crowd pleasing covers...

Twin Cam give their own take to classic rock songs... Tunes range from classic rock to 80's/90's rock: AC/DC, MC5, The Kinks, Nirvana, The Cars, The Clash, to the Rolling Stones.