BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

My music IS fresh and the tracks are current..Not to heavy but not to light, just right when your listening to it in your system. I am a Versitile artist that reaps and sings. I incorporate both in my music.


TwInNi-TwInN started out in Chicago IL, on the south side performing and rocking shows in the early 90's Doing R&B before Raping he was performing New Edition with a 5 member band at the time. As an unknown singer and Performer he then started a Production Company called Mechanical Beats Production, with his brother and soon there after started producing local acts in the city to make a trip to California to pursue his dreams. TWINNI-TWINN was accepted by an Indie Label in 2001 to record his first Indie album on the Jet Speed Records Label, but wasn't going in the right direction as he planned. The album was shelved do to creative differences and he then returned to Chicago to re-think his plan. He then was reborn again in the game and converted his art from R&B to RAP/HIP-HOP!!
He is compared to "LIl Wayne" and “Nelly” on the catchy hooks and the fresh rhythms in the verses. TWINNI-TWINN is a very versatile artist with a lot of energy that this business needs to thrive off on! The music industry isn't picky he thinks but is careful when selecting to invest into the right artist to put promote and market. It's like putting a company together; you have to have the right elements to be successful. That’s what it's all about to be#1. The industry is about a three letter word...(H,C,B)...which means, HOOKS,CATCHY PHRASES AND BEATS! When you got that you got PRODUCT!! Now TWINNI-TWINN is on and popp'en with his fresh sound and collective beats imprinted from DA*BEAT*MASTER/ MBP’s freshest and hottest producer that lives in the CHI. With his new single titled "YOU GOT IT GOING ON’ and his street single called ”IM FRESH” it's sure to pull off as a winner....also introducing the Club Banger track "SHOW ME LOV" & “I GET THAT PAPER will have you partying on the way to the club..... Please feel free to sit back and pop the CD in and check out his joints....then you it live....or is it Memorex!



Set List

I try to do a 25 to 30 minute set every show with add songs if the crowd wants more, i'm alwasy ready to go beyond that. I add skits and themes inbetween each track i do because the crowd can get bored with just track after track going.