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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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"Twin Rapper"

Published September 03, 2006 12:29 pm -

Twin rappers

By Lacey Walters,

Twin brothers 14-year-old TraiVon Cooper and DaRon Cooper are not your typical teenagers – they are rap artists who take the gospel to the streets.

TraiVon and DaRon, also known as the Twin Saintz, performed at the Edward and Cora Sullivan family reunion Saturday at Shady Oak Missionary Baptist Church.

The 14-year-old twin brothers began rapping when they were 10 and will soon release their first CD titled “Dreamers.”

“I was brought up in church,” DaRon Cooper said. “We had a revival at my church in Oklahoma and local rap groups came in and we liked the sound, so we started our own rap group.”

The Twin Saintz said that their mission is to distribute the gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere they go, and for them rapping is their method.

“Sometimes kids our age don’t want to listen to preachers,” DaRon Cooper said. “Our thing is to give the people a different way of hearing the word of God, and our way is rapping. We try to get the gospel to not only people in churches, but the streets.”

Both boys have a deep desire to express their loyalty to Christ and to make a difference in people’s lives.

“Through Christ you can do anything,” TraiVon Cooper said. “He can help you with anything. I just think personally that God did a big transformation in our lives and this (rap) is our gift from God.”

The Twin Saintz are two vibrant young men with a heart unlike most their age, and they never fail to give God credit for their success.

“I’m a gospel rapper because God has blessed me every day,” DaRon Cooper said. “God is the one that wakes you up, feeds you and puts clothes on your back. People sometimes take that for granted and think they can do it on their own.”

“I rap for the Lord because we are just regular kids from Oklahoma and it’s good that he can take something so little and make something great out of it,” DaRon concluded.

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Still working on that hot first release.




DaRon and TraiVon Cooper spent most of their young years living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They attended a local church called Set Free Cathedral of Deliverance. In 2003 the church had a revival and a local Christian rap group called Little Mike and Funny Bone performed. The style of this new gospel music along with its hip hop beats inspired the Twins to start their own group.
At the age of 11, the Twins started a group called 100%.It consisted of the Twins, their 8 year old cousin Michael, and their friend from school named BJ. The boys began to develop their God given talents as Rappers and song writers which lead to performing in local school events and church youth conferences. But before the boys where able to get into the studio, the Twins mother decided to move them to Atlanta, GA. Upset with their mother's decision, they had to break up the group after being together for a year. Still determined to follow their dream, the Twins decided to call themselves TwinSaintz and continued to write .Once they arrived in Atlanta (Feb 2005), it wasn't 3 weeks before they met a producer from LAW Productions, who took them straight to the studio to record a small demo. After shopping the demo around town, a local record label offered TwinSaintz a deal, but only if they agreed to go mainstream. But the Twins declined the deal because they refused to take God out of their music. In June of 2005, The Twins won a free contract with a local Atlanta modeling agency called The National Film & Fashion Board. This allowed them to meet lots of people in the music and film industry. One day after a movie shoot, the boys were approached by a producer named Deckade from Red Wolf Entertainment, LLC, who heard them rapping in the movie. He offered the boys studio time to help them complete their album. Since then, TwinSaintz have landed great opportunities to minister not only in Georgia, but also in Texas, California, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Washington and the list goes on.

TwinSaintz released their first album in 2008. The hit song from that album “Devils Lie” won its spot on the 2008 Holy Hip Hop Volume 6 Compilation CD that has a world wide distribution with EMI. TwinSaintz is due to release their second album in the 2010.