TwinSister is a multitalented identical act with 2 female vocalists who play several instruments a piece. Their music is a production of kickin' rock songs & acoustic songs sung with strong, harmonious, female vocals using a variety of instruments with double leads- a 5 piece High Energy Act.


The Holt Twins harmonize and blend voices in a beauty and a closeness attainable
when you are fortunate enough to enter the world identically! Senses bridge between two individuals to form one. Combine this with a talent to sing, compose, and play a variety of instruments, and you learn the meaning of harmony. Originally from Sinking Spring, PA, this unique act started performing when just teenagers and quickly became the most requested act in Berks County so much so that even 15 years into their performances they were requested to be the main act at Reading’s Best Fest. Their professional career began at age 14 & they have been performing ever since at festivals, schools, clubs, campgrounds, & concerts across the country. Their performances are too many to name, but here are a few- Bethlehem Musik Fest, Haycreek Fall Festival, Pocono Mt. Jamborees, Hershey Park, Knoebels Park, Schuylkill Haven Borough Days, & University of Wisconsin. This versatile Duo does a complete turnaround when they play with their Classic Rock Band, TwinSister, (formerly "Image").
Joining them for TwinSister are 2 excellent lead guitarists & and an experienced drummer.
Rich, from Long Island, NY, has been with TWINSISTER since 1977 and has co-written some of their songs & Henry, from Reading, PA, has been with TWINSISTER since 1987.
Rich Psonak makes the band complete with his showmanship & expertise in drumming. He comes with much experience including being in an original band that was so popular they opened up for Ted Nugent at the shore and were the house band at the popular Galaxy Club at the shore- bands like Bon Jovi opened up for them.
TwinSister, a 5 piece Band, is not just another Rock and Roll Act, but a band who can play flawless Originals and timeless Classics from bands such as Heart, Pat Benatar, The Who, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, etc....
TwinSister with it's special brand of "Twin Rock" has entertained fans on the east coast in Rock and Roll Clubs, Teen Clubs, Campgrounds, Universities, the major shore points of New Jersey, and throughout the Midwest.
This is a polished, professional act with lots of showmanship!


Missing The Turn

Written By: Linda and Emily Holt

Missing The Turn-
words by Linda Holt, music by Emily Holt C 1985
1) My grief becomes despair because we're no longer a pair. I look to your eyes, but I only see lies.
Lies to confuse you, lies you construed. If one is the answer, the next is a bruise.
Chorus:We're missing the turn, but we've come a long way. Just missing the turn,
yes, this road's made of clay that we've formed
and we've molded to our own dismay.
2) Thought we'd take one more round, stay with it don't frown. Said things would be different, but they were only deficient. Deficient in patience, in love and in fair. What one of us felt, the other couldn't share.
Bridge:So fly away my friend, look back, but don't pretend. What was done cannot be changed,
what we were can't be rearranged. So remember what we learned, take it in and then discern, All the knowledge that we gained in this turn.
We're missing the turn, missing the turn, missing the turn, missing.......


Written By: Linda Holt

Dorothy- words and music by Linda Holt C 1985
(dedicated to Joe Gravenstine, Joe Egan, and Tom McDonough)
Chorus: Oh Dorothy, are you still confused? Did you get(find) what you came for when you clicked those heels(shoes)?
1) The wind took you and it blew you away. You lost control, your head began to sway. Hold on, hold on, hold on to your dreams.
You came down to earth, landed with a thud. Your sanity's gone, your head feels like sludge. Hang on, hang on, hang on to your mind.
2) Walkin' down that road, lookin' for relief. Sat upon a rock, rested your feet.
There, there, there, you're not alone. One then two, two, no there's three, they're smilin' at you, Say don't you look sweet,
but you're hard, hard, hard, sad, and bruised.
Bridge:Don't worry, they won't hurt you. They were sent here to help you from the man above.
3) So you let them come in and four began to talk. You soon felt so good, no need for that walk. Not alone, 'cause they walked with you.
Not alone, they were meant to be with you.
4) So keep on smilin' now, laugh a little more. The wound is still there, but the pain you can ignore. Thanks to three good men,
your new friends. Thanks, thanks, thanks, and I love you.
Smile on, smile on, smile on, your star's still shinin'.

Where Are We Now

Written By: Linda Holt and Rich Arteca

Where Are We Now- words and music by Linda Holt, music by Rich Arteca C 1975
I watched you walking down the street today-questions on my mind to play. I said hello, you said good-bye.
Where are we now? Tell me something new today. Anything would be all right. The sky is red. My heart has bled.
Where are we now? I walked a mile but my mind grew weary. I cried and cried 'till my eyes fell hurtin'.
And then they closed, my body wept, and shook, fell trembling. Now I stand, still I ask myself, where are we now?
Where are we now? Striped walls sure get dreary. The heat's still on, but I feel cold and the piano sits while the keys get dusty.
The light's going out. The music is dead. Where are we now? But through this world there's nothing that's ever lived,
Nothing kept alive as long as music was, music is. Is that where we are now? Music is love.
Oh, where are we now? Music is love...... music is love.

Pretty Song

Written By: Linda Holt & Rich Arteca

Pretty Song- words and music by Linda Holt, music by Rich Arteca
C 2002
I like your game. You play the game of life. You live inside my mind. My reflection is in your eyes.
See how the star shines. Take what you have, give freely to me. Perceive the perfection of this day;
And then receive its' blessings here to stay. It's a song and we're all singin' it. It's a puzzle and all the pieces fit.
I like this game. It's a game of life.
I like your style. Come on give me that smile.
We're here to be; supposed to be here.....You're just like a pretty song. I could play you over and over again
And never get tired of you because you're just like a pretty song; words that calm my soul and live within my mind.
You're just like a pretty song, I could play you over and over again and never get tired of you.
You're just like a pretty song, words that move my innermost feelings.

Feelin' Good Times

Written By: Linda Holt

Feelin' Good Times- words and music by Linda Holt C1985
1) Feelin' good times, wish you were with me. Lookin' back I see your face. Life was bitter. Livin' is sweet now.
Wish you could see this place. I can't help it. Please release me, so I can live today.
2) Yesterday's over. We were dreamin' to think we'd still be there. Times were hard then. You still loved me.
That's the part I remember yet. I'm still thinkin'. You're still dreamin'. We've got to go our ways.
Bridge: It's easy to forget the trials, the sadness. Our minds just focus on that peaceful sound when we said, "I love you."
3) Feelin' good times, glad to be here; here in this state of mind. Life keeps movin'. Take it easy.
Don't run behind or ahead. I'm free now. You're still growin'. Someday you'll understand.

My Mother's Love

Written By: Emily Holt

If there were a contest for all the Mothers of the world,
Mother Dear you'd take first place,
You'd bring home every single award;
But how could they compare you for no one could come close;
'Cause you're the best as best can be and your love shines through on us.
Who can say they never had a babysitter in their life;
Who can say they skipped kindergarten
'Cause their Mom wanted them at home;
We played games together,
You spent so much time with us;
You taught us more than any teacher could and you taught it from your heart.
We were poor, but we wouldn't trade our Mother's Love for all the riches on this earth........
And we thank God for the Best Mother in this world.....
'Cause you're the best as best can be and Your Love shines through on us,
And Mother Dear We Love You With All Our Hearts.
from your youngest daughter,
Emily Mae

Fallen Butterfly/This Memory

Written By: Linda Holt, Emily Holt

Fallen Butterfly- words and music by Emily holt 1985
Butterfly- where are you now? Butterfly- will your wings lace the sky? Will the wind tear your wings
And will you fall to the ground? And I don't know how to say good-bye to you, everything is trapped inside this cocoon,
Suspended in time, but will it emerge and can it survive these forceful winds?
Butterfly- where are you now? Butterfly- did your wings once lace the sky? The wind has torn your wings
And you've fallen to the ground. And I don't know how to say good-bye to you and I don't know how to mend my wings,
I'm suspended in time, can I fight these strong winds, and lift myself up towards the sun.
This Memory- words and music by Linda Holt, music by Emily Holt 1985
1) I come to you with my heart afire. I try and try still there's no desire, to feel the warmth of another man.
I'm hangin' on, still reachin' out, just wanna take your hand.
Chorus:I don't wanna live this memory. It's hard to look ahead when we can't see.
I never knew what the future held, just know it's never been for you and me.
2) I can't erase the bad memories, can't forget when we both were pleased. You held me then and we felt the strength.
Now there's only weakness, shrouds our souls like death.
3) So Sweetness kiss me and say good-bye. Hold me tight like when we used to try.
And love me always as I'll love you. Another day, maybe we can talk and understand this too.


"Fallen Butterfly" is their own original musical production of classy, kickin' rock songs and mesmerizing acoustic songs sung with strong vocals and played with harmonious feeling. They also have 3 Folk Albums by just The Holt Twins.
"Letting Go" is a collection of thirteen original folk songs that capture the true art of acoustic music produced with entrancing female vocals and instrumental harmonies, including 6 and 12-string guitars, flute, mandolin, violin, viola, string bass, fretless bass, piano, recorders.
"Spider's Web" is a collection of some of their favorite traditional folk songs sung with harmonies to enthrall you and played on a variety of acoustic instruments including guitars, flute, mandolin, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, banjo, viola, and string bass.
Enjoy the sounds of Christmas with their "Happy Birthday Jesus" CD performed in a Traditional way with hammered & mountain dulcimers, 6 & 12 string guitars, banjo, fiddle, flutes, viola, mandolin, string bass, and sung with beautiful harmonies!
All albums have streaming & have had airplay.

Set List

Originals and Classic and Southern Rock- examples: Magic Man by Heart, Baba O Riley by The Who, Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, Devil Went Down to Ga. by Charlie Daniels, No More Tears by Ozzie, Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar, Harden My Heart by Quarterflash, Renegade by Styx, Long Time by Boston, The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, Same Old Song & Dance by Aerosmith, Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull- we usually play 1 hour sets- we have a lot of material to choose from and will cater to whatever people want us to play. We also play folk music as a duo- originals and covers such as Joni Mitchell, Indigo Girls, Leo Kottke, Judy Collins, etc., and also Traditional Folk Music.