twin thousands

twin thousands

 New York City, New York, USA

Let's say, The Soft Bulletin meets The Ugly Organ.


By the time cellist Gretta Cohn left Nebraska in 2005, she had made a lasting impression with emo heavyweights Cursive, in addition to almost every other band calling Saddle Creek Records its home.

Having spent the previous four years on the road and in the studio with friends and labelmates including Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley and The Faint, she moved back to Brooklyn with vague notions of pursuing a solo project, but mainly looking for new collaborations.

Happily under the radar, Ryan Smith had been quietly studying the toy piano, crafting cleverly orchestrated pop songs and releasing music under the name A Million Billion, when he and Gretta shared the stage at a New York venue.

A couple of chance encounters later, the two found themselves with a batch of homeless songs, a handful of battered and beautiful old instruments, and a brand new band - Twin Thousands.

Not the types to waste any time, Ryan, Gretta and a few friends went straight into the studio to start tracking the Twin Thousands debut.


Various Compilations
Like You A Lot - Single
EP (released 11/2009)
LP (released 3/2010)
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Set List

Typical set list is 10 songs, taking 35-40 minutes. We do not do covers.