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Twin Wrecks the Memory @ EMPTY BOTTLE

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Twin Wrecks the Memory @ COBRA LOUNGE

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Twin Wrecks the Memory @ COBRA LOUNGE

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Twin Wrecks the Memory plays a lacerating hybrid of garage rock, punk, and metal. These guys wear their influences on the sleeves of their black leather jackets: cranked-up Stooges-isms fuel "Kiss Ride Kill" and "Alcohol and Rock n' Roll" (the vocals even approximate Iggy's deadpan drawl from time to time), "Riot Ready" borrows riffs and revolutionary imagery from the MC5, and "Bleed" is a poison-pen Nirvana pastiche. The lyrics sometimes cross the fine line between stoopid and stupid, but the band's paint-peeling intensity makes it hard to stay cynical. - The Meter: Local Release Roundup

This mini EP was handed out following a Queens of The Stone Age gig, as everyone slowly clambered out of the double doors, high on something indescribable. It's fitting to hear about Twin Wrecks after that concert, because at times they do touch on them musically.
This band is led by guitarist/vocalists Ryan Pavela and Dan Sullivan, both Chicago natives. And they waste no time on starting into blaring, blasting rock.
On 'Alcohol and Rock N' Roll', heavy musical production is key. The vocals are shift changing, and add to the sinister beats and rythmic hype that the band gives out. This song is good solid rock and roll with streamlined relentless guitarwork and tight drumming, and it's perfect to go wild to. The sample tracks on this EP were taken from their self-released album, Royal Drug Lodge (trouble for the rest of us), and if the full-length follows suit with this three-track protocol, then this group could stand for some serious potential.
'Riot Ready' contains the bluntness and brutality of The Sex Pistols backed by a hardcore Black Flag. This is a screamer song, and it's as raw as it can get.
'End Of The World' has a continuous darkened beat with a trailing bassline right on its heels. Then the vocals kick in. The song breaks, and with a Mark Lanegan drone he speaks, and then its back to the aching screams.
Although short and sweet, it doesn't take much to see that musically, Twin Wrecks is already there. A perfect opening band with enough attitude and experience to provide an entertaining show (and a killer mosh). Look into these guys, and just take in the music. -

Straight ahead drugged-out, alcohol-fueled vitriol. A blast of fuzz guitar that will leave you begging for more from the moment it starts coming out of your speakers. The cover art's a mess, the music is a mess, and if the album is any indication I can only guess that the band is a mess. And man do I love a mess.

Royal Drug Lodge is some of the best straight ahead rock and roll that I've heard in a while. Let's see what we've got in there... yeah, some Stooges, maybe some Motorhead, some harder Royal Trux, Spacemen 3 with out all the psychedelic swirl, fucked up early Sebadoh, fuzzed out Sonic Youth... yup, eight tracks of non-stop rock. No filler. This is the sort of stuff you put on your stereo when you're pissed off at the world. Gimme more! -

Twin Wrecks the Memory is a relatively new band to the landscape of Chicago rock and roll. With a sound that won’t be embraced on modern radio (at least for now), the band has been playing to a cult following of red-blooded rock fans. Their E.P “Royal Drug Lodge (Trouble for the Rest of Us),” was released in February with positive reviews online and from the Reader. Fans of Burning Brides, AC/DC and MC5 will eat this stuff up. - The Depaulia (DePaul University)

"Twin Wrecks the Memory is the best band in Chicago right now."
9/2005 - 94.7 The Zone. James Van Osdol

Garage punk. Mall punk. New wave-bangin’ hardcore. Some other bullshit. Twin Wrecks The Memory eschew worthless labels, bloodless comparisons, and genre pigeonholing with a simple approach: play blistering, molten rock with such reckless, unrelenting ferocity, you’d think they were trying to shatter windows, along with expectations. You’d be right. (
– Patrick Conlan

- Illinois Entertainer

Twin Wrecks The Memory • Royal Drug Lodge • self-released • I've got another Chicago band for you to check out. If you like your rock raw and guitar-driven but NOT like those "The" bands, check this out. TWTM is better than that. They have a raw, loose edge but they sound tight as a drum. It SORT of has a grunge feel to it, but not Alice In Chains grunge, not grunge-metal. If you're at all intrigued, you won't be disappointed. (SH) - Impact Press

Twin Wrecks Wakes Up Crowd" Written by SAM JEMIELITY / Photos by BARRY BRECHEISEN
Double Door, Chicago, May 5, 2006

Apparently, except when he's singing, Twin Wrecks the Memory lead singer Dan Sullivan is a man of few words. After the band ripped through the opening song, "More Sex, More Money," in front of 300 fans at Chicago's Double Door, Sullivan took a moment to pimp the band's 2005 album, "Royal Drug Lodge." "Buy our record in the back," Sullivan told the crowd. "And that's about all I've got."

Musically, though, Sullivan and his bandmates gave it all they had through eight energetic, punk-infused songs of their Double Door set. Along with Sullivan, who also plays guitar, TWTM is made up of Ryan Paveza (guitar), Marcellus Salerni (bass) and Rob Medinger (drums).Their Myspace page claims as influences bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, the Stooges, Guns n' Roses, MC5 and T.Rex.

Those roots were apparent when the band - keeping the booze theme going - launched into their second song of the night, the anthemic "Alcohol and Rock n Roll." The hammering, fuzzed out jam that also recalls Queens of the Stone Age's "Feel Good Hit of the Summer."

Swilling Busch beer, Sullivan stripped off his Telecaster for the song "Suffer and Sell." Paveza's feedback-heavy intro morphs into a driving, guitar assault, punctuated by the shout-along chorus, "Get ripped! Get fucked!" After the raucous, Stooges-style ride of "Riot Ready," with the clock moving toward midnight. The next song, "Push," picked up the stoner rock vibe of "Alcohol and Rock n Roll," as Sullivan screams stream-of-consciousness lyrics at a breakneck pace.

The show closed with the martial beat and wall-of-sound guitars of "End of the World,” chanting the chorus, "I'm afraid, and I'm awake!” After 40 minutes of pummeling punk rock, everyone at the Double Door is awake, too. Wide awake. - Lumino Magazine (

"....the group plays loud, boozy, extremely grungy garage-rock with an arty twist, somewhere between the Stooges and Sonic Youth. Again, if they're as good live as they are on the record, you may be scooping your brain off the floor at the end of their set." - Chicago Sun-Times

"TWTM has a gritty, guitar driven Manhattan rock sound, putting Chicago on the map during this era that calls back to the late 70s raw punk rock sound." - Chicago Tribune/Redeye/


"Suffer and Sell"
12-song LP (Highwheel Records)

8-song EP (Self-Released)
"Royal Drug Lodge: Trouble for the Rest of Us"

Split 7" (Fudge Sickill Records)
Twin Wrecks the Memory, "Burn Out"
Jesus and the Devil, "I Killed Jacob"



“Back off bitch, some punks get shot and some get rich.” In the track Kiss Ride Kill, those words spill into the song with a laid back demeanor, so as not to threaten, but simply to state a fact. Harsh reality has always been a fixture in rock ‘n’ roll, and Twin Wrecks the Memory blast it out with a ferocious non-chalance that creates an infectious “take it, or take it” attitude. Loosely formed in late 2000 by art rockers/school rockers Ryan Paveza (guitar) and Dan Sullivan (vocals, guitar), the band quickly found solid ground with songs such as: Alcohol and Rock ‘N” Roll, Burn Out, and Dirty American Girl. The sound reflects an era when early Guns N’ Roses and Sonic Youth took hold as a counter-measure to spineless “nice guy” music, similar to what’s happening to music today. Marcellus Salerni (bass), a Pittsburgh native, who spent his fun years in L.A. and Mike Marcinkowski(drums), a south sider, get a grip on the rhythm section with enough big rock sentiment and 70’s grit that allow this Chicago group to drive their sound into the audience head-on with intensity and guile. From the Empty Bottle to the Brooklyn critics, Twin Wrecks the Memory have received acclaim for their blue-collar blend of rock, punk, and booze. As the lyrics address the gangsters, strippers, skate-punks, and drunks, there’s a subtle reminder that were all in this together. In an insecure world where everyone’s full of shit, it makes it all fun and worthwhile.

RADIO: Q101, WXRT, 94.7 The Zone, 97.9 The Loop, Fearless Radio, WHPK 88.5, WLUW, Radio DePaul, Hostage Radio

BANDS: Nine Black Alps (Manchester, England; Interscope/Island Records), The Automatic Automatic (Cardiff, UK; Columbia Records), Burning Brides(V2), The Explosion(Virgin), The Lot Six(Virgin), Glass Candy (Troubleman), The Reputation(lookout!), Electric Eel Shock(JAPAN), DMBQ(JAPAN), The Thieves (UK), The Fags (SIRE), MOTO(In the Red), Miss Alex White(In the Red), Neurotic Swingers(France), The Street Brats, The Silent Treatment(Lucid), The Groodies(Failed Experiment)

Arlene Grocery(NY), Trash Bar(NY), Doubledown Saloon(NV), Cat Club(CA), The Corral Room (WI), Der Rathskeller Memorial Union (WI), Courtyard Café(University of Illinois), McGaw Hall (Depaul University), Ex Libre (University of Chicago),
Empty Bottle, Double Door, Subterranean, Liar’s Club, The Darkroom, Logan Square Auditorium, The Bottom Lounge, The Note, Lincoln Square Lanes, Command Center, Transmission Gallery, Sylvie’s Lounge, The Mutiny, Beat Kitchen, Kinetic Playground, Big Horse Lounge, Cal’s Liquors, O’Malley’s, The Dragonfly, Champs Rock Room, Penny Road Pub, Hangouts, Wheaton Grand Theater, Lot 4

BENEFITS: WLUW Benefit (2007) Music with Meaning (2006, 2007)–The Rape Victims Advocacy Foundation; CRUEFEST (2006, 2007) - Nikki Sixx's Running Wild in the Night Foundation, Vince Neil's Skylar Neil Memorial Fund ,Tommy Lee's Charity of choice St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Mick Mars' charity Spondylitis Association of America; Windy City Rollers (2006); Irish Freedom Committee (2005); MPower Benefit (2005) - Musicians for Mental Health; Benefit for Vince Falcone, drummer of Chicago band, Khaos Theory (2005)