Twin Wrecks the Memory

Twin Wrecks the Memory


Straight ahead drugged-out, alcohol-fueled vitriol!


Back off bitch, some punks get shot and some get rich. In the track Kiss Ride Kill, those words spill into the song with a laid back demeanor, so as not to threaten, but simply to state a fact. Harsh reality has always been a fixture in rock n roll, and Twin Wrecks the Memory blast it out with a ferocious non-chalance that creates an infectious take it, or take it attitude.

Loosely formed in late 2002 by art/school rockers Ryan Paveza (guitar) and Dan Sullivan (vocals, guitar), the band quickly found solid ground with songs such as: Alcohol and Rock N Roll, Burn Out and Dirty American Girl. The sound reflects an era when early Guns N Roses and Sonic Youth took hold as a counter-measure to spineless nice guy music, similar to whats happening to music today.

Marcellus Salerni (bass), a Pittsburgh native, and Rob Medinger (drums), a south sider, get a grip on the rhythm section with enough big rock sentiment and 70s grit that allow this Chicago group to drive their sound into the audience head-on with intensity and guile. From the Empty Bottle to the Brooklyn critics, Twin Wrecks the Memory have received acclaim for their blue-collar blend of rock, punk, and booze. As the lyrics address the gangsters, strippers, skate-punks, and drunks, theres
a subtle reminder that were all in this together. In an insecure world where everyones full of shit, it makes it all fun and worthwhile.


Royal Drug Lodge...(trouble for the rest of us)

Tracks getting regular spins on Midwest College radio stations and Chicago Rock stations (specialty local shows)

Set List

Set usually includes between 9-12 originals, depending on set time.
Typical Set list would include songs like:
Suffer & Sell
Riot Ready
Kiss Ride Kill
Alcohol & ROck N' Roll
Motel Love
Drug Dealer
Finger Pointer
Erase It