Twist Dead Fable

Twist Dead Fable


Creating power and control with a non-romantic, high energy sound, these musicians have a massively addictive stage presence combined with a magnetic attitude that overwhelms you with energy and leaves you with no room for resistance tot he rage.


Twist Dead Fable formed in May 1997, TDF's first big kick came when the group performed for over 2000 fans at the White Rock Rage, an all night concert held annually in Salt Lake City. Five short months later, the group provided an indescribable experience at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles.

TDF collaborated with S.I.S. Records in 1998 for an industry compilation, SIS volume 2 featuring Twist Dead Fable's song "Lies". After the release, SIS reported sales volumes in a ration of 5 to 1 over 17 other bands. TDF was easily selected as a feature band for the album Urban Mayhem, another SIS compilation. In addition to the compilations TDF had a very successful CD Release party of their own on Feb 1998 for the album "Looking Inside" wich sold out two shows with the album still selling. TDF's latest release "Make You Believe" catered a CD Release party on June 16th, 2001, to over 300 people in the Infamous "Mason Jar Live" in Pheonix, AZ. The CD can be found in stores all over the US, and soundscan reports are relatively increasing daily.

A move to Phoenix Arizona in October 1999, was the upward move that TDF needed to test their spirit and strenght. Sampling the Mason Jar with artists such as Flotsam & jJetsam, Sacred Reich and Dred Zeppelin throught 1998, and now touring the southwest to sold out shows in CA, AZ, NV, and NM.

TDF is fast becoming Arizona's newest band to hit the states, obtaining consistant airplay on 98FM KUPD, as well as on-air interviews with KZGL Rock station, and being featured on the morning show with Dave Pratt of KUPD.

Twist Dead Fable, will "Make you Believe".


"Looking Inside" released Feb. 1998
"Make YOu Believe" released June 2001
The hit single "Kleen" is receiving consistant airplay on Phoenix's 98FM KUPD, and Flagstaff Rock Station KZGL.

Set List

Set is 1 hour to 90 minutes. Capeable of a 120 minute set.

Typical Set list varies. Please contact for a complete stage setup, and set list.