Twist Dead Fable

Twist Dead Fable


Powerfull, groove oriented sound with a fusion between Static X, Disturbed, Coal Chamber, Alice in Chains


1996 may have been the start of this dynamic quintet, though longevity, hard times, and perseverance is what make's this band today. One short year after the begining of Twist Dead Fable, Battle of bands were consumed by the powerhouse of TDF. By 2nd years end Twist Dead Fable stole the show with numerous awards such as "Band of the Year, Best Metal Band, Best Band to Party To, Best Stage Personna". From then to recent, Twist Dead Fable has worked with big names such as Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, Jerry Costello of The Steve Miller Band on dynamic, producing, and marketing. TDF has also contributed donations and concert benefits to total over $65,000 to help out needy families and the communities. Twist Dead Fable is best described as an invigorating blend of powerful, experienced, arm hair raising, musicianship, with the even amount of catchy, true to form, lyrics. This band has allways been on the edge of new ways to market, exploit and go beyond what others may do, it's about making a difference and setting the pace, not following one. With this sound and attitude, Twist Dead Fable should appeal to both traditional and modern Metal/Alternative fans abroad. You have not seen anything lively like a Twist Dead Fable show.


Never Again

Written By: Levi Cornett

Waking eyes, Sore from the night before
Paralized, cant go on anymore
What i believe, your eyes deceive
Im down on my knees, and i cant do this again
Im done, It's the end
You'll never see me again
i'll move on, wont pretend
it will never be the same
it's my life not a game
so i'll rise up to the edge
and shout as loud as i can
Never Again

Lost in a dream
never thought you would do this to me
what i believe, your eyes deceive
in down on my knees
and i cant do this again
I'm done, it's the end
you'll never see me again
I'll move on, wont pretend
it will bever be the same
it's my life, not a game
so i'll rise up to the edge and shout as loud as i can
Never Again x2

Repeat pre-chorus


Written By: Levi Cornett

Dont waste you breathe
Cause im not listening to your bullshit, i cant take it
i wont be lead around
i wont be let down
I cant believe that you would eventhink that i would care
so sick of all your shit
i never said that life was fair
so believe, what i say
that im sick of your games

Keep your distance, you dont want to deal with this
im on the edge, you'll push off
you'll become what i am
Take a step back, you dont know what your messing with
Yea yea yea yea
Get outta my face, step back now
one more word you'll hit the ground
wont take it, wont fuck around
so for your sake you best step down, im sick of your face, im sick of the sound that stupid shit that flies out your mouth
so shut up just sit down
one more word, you'll get knocked out

Im afraid to say, my eyes betrayed me
im in gravity
Dont waste your breathe, cause im not listening anymore x2
I cant believe that you would even think that i would even care
so sick of all your shit, i never said that life was fair
so believe what i sy, that im sick of your games
Keep your distance, go away keep your distance, go away


Written By: Levi Cornett

Rush x4
Rush, a part of my veins
remember the pain
that different places, different faces, there all the same,
Push, fanning the flames, just to watch it all burn
to see it come down, we'll do it again,
Move, were coming your way
were not slowing down, were bringing the sickness were wrecking the town with the sound,
Bass, how low can you go, until you get off your ass and come to the show

Rush x4

Blackout, remember what its all about,
Everything is spinning,swimming,shifting, hold on,
Time out, get up dont be a punk about it
man up about it, dont allow it and hold your ground
like you got it, you want it, you feel it, you need it, so act like you would believe it
Rush, a part of my veins, remember the pain, it's coming again
the whole fucking world has changed
What a Rush x11


S.I.S Records Vol. 2, which TDF outsold all other 14 bands 5-1.
S.I.S Records Urban Mayhem Vol. 1, TDF is Featured Artist
1998 Looking Inside LP
2000 Megadose sessions EP
2000 Make You Believe EP, "Kleen" voted Most requested local song on 98 KUPD, Phoenix, AZ.
2003 Gombui (gom-boo-e) EP, John Holmburgs "Morning sickness" 98 KUPD "This stuff sounds better than most stuff we recieve from labels"

Set List

New formed Set List
Sick.........Key D
Game On......Key D
Never Again.....Key D
Rush.....Key D
Breakdown.....Key C
Fragile Ground.....Key C
Looking Into.....Key C
Blindside.....Key C
Whats Left.....Key C
Cocaine.....Key D