This all girl teen sensation from the Isle of Man in Great Britain have been recieving rave reviews across the UK. Steph, Andrea, Laura, Sara and Ami write their own lyrics and music resulting in a genre described as Rock/Punk but carried out with Angelic Harmonies.


Twisted Angels are exactly what is needed in the current manufactured world of rock and pop. Formed by 4 schoolfriends in 2002, the band played regularly and as frequently as possible on their home island, the Isle of Man. After 3 years of hard work their album Alter Ego was signed for worldwide distribution and they undertook 3 UK tours in 2005. Received well in all venues, the girls' ability to actually play, combined with their natural love of music won over even the coldest of audiences.
The first single from the album, "LA", was actually the first song the band ever wrote when they were all very young, but this didn't stop it from entering the UK singles chart at number 17, and the UK Indie chart at 22. The video for the single featured Sir Norman Wisdom, and still gets airplay on television.

As well as a new album this year, there will also be a change in line up with laura moving to keyboards and new girl sara taking over lead guitar.

The new album "Confessions" has seen the girls mature as people and as musicians, and is pointing the girls to a heavier sound.


MN: How long has the band been together?Twisted Angels: Three years- since June 2002.
MN: How did you all meet?Steph: Well I knew all the girls from the school and I used to jam with Ami and Laura in the music room there. When we realised Andrea was a drummer the band was formed.
MN: So are you all still at school now?Laura: Steph, Andrea and I have just finished our A levels and Ami has finished her art and design course at college.Andrea: We have all taken a year out to focus on the band but plan on going to Uni at some point in the future.
MN: You are all from the Isle of Man – what is the music scene like there?Andrea: It’s huge! There are so many male bands which we have competed against for years in the Battle of the Bands. The fact that we are an all girl band makes us stand out as something different.
MN: How do you feel about your upcoming album release? After success in the Isle of Man are you expecting a huge response from the rest of the UK?Ami: We’re excited and a bit nervous to see the response we’ll get from the UK. Living on the Isle of Man means you get quite an isolated audience, but we’ve had a great reaction from everyone who’s seen us and hopefully that will continue. Steph: It will be interesting to see the response as we are really well known in the Isle of Man and hitting the whole of UK with the tour and album release is great – if not a bit nerve-racking. It would be brilliant if we kick off as big as we are at home. When we released the album on IoM we outsold Coldplay and Oasis!
MN: Did you all have input into the album’s material?Andrea: We all work together. Steph and Laura work mainly on the lyrics but we all work as a team on the music.Laura: I write the lyrics and tunes to some, with the band arranging the music together. With some other songs, we might all write some lyrics and all contribute to arranging the music together.Steph: We also take into account our manager’s and close friends’ opinions because, at the end of the day, they’re the people who need to enjoy what we write.
MN: Which groups/ artists would you describe as your main influences?Steph: I have a really broad musical taste and I think that is why our songs are so different. We all listen to different types of music and take ideas from every genre to create our own music. Right now I am listening to bands like Greenday and Bad Religion as I enjoy the guitar based approach.Andrea: Greenday, HooobastanicAmi: I’m into most music really but love Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Slash from Guns’n’Roses
MN: What other cities have you played outside of the Isle of Man?Laura: Dublin, Epping and a lot of Northern UKSteph: We’ve won a few competitions which have taken us to Dublin and London and we also went on our first UK tour in February which was based in the North of England. We played in York, Stoke on Trent and Burnley and which was great and it gave us experience of playing in front of new crowds.
MN: What was the atmosphere like and how were you received in comparison to IoM?Andrea: Most places went really well – I preferred it to the Isle of Man as we are new music to these people and we went down really well.Steph: Yeah, we didn’t meet a single person who wasn’t positive about our music and that gave us a real buzz. Ami: We have actually got some new fans in The Damned – Stu West loves our sound and we have been invited to play at their punk festival in Lincolnshire in August. We are wrapped about that!
MN: When not working on the Angels how do you spend your spare time?Andrea: Was at school until a couple of weeks ago but now spending loads of time playing basketball and shopping.Laura: Relaxing as much as possible and spending time with friends and family
MN: Are you all mates outside the band?All: (in chorus): Yes, definitely.
MN: Who would you see as your ideal target audience


Selfish Lullaby

Written By: Twisted Angels

Selfish Lullaby

I remember how the sky opened up for you
It started out a hazy red and left a shattered blue
I sat and watched you dance beneath the stars
until the sun came up beyond where you are

And I remember thinking what it was that made you mine
Then I found the answers when I looked into your blue eyes

Your blue eyes made a smile upon my saddened face
Your blue eyes they found the trust inside this broken place
Break me, hate me, make me, elate me
Elevate my selfish lullaby
My selfish lullaby

Torn into two by what I should do
And by why I should be with you
Your voice on speaker phone
so the world will know I fell in love with you
Why I fell in love for you

Faltering over what I don't know
Cause I'm floating with the debris
with the driftwood into your sunday sun


You are the evergreen eternity and I'm the autumn fall
Looking out through your window do you know I'm there at all
Do you notice where I stall


Break me, hate me, make me, elate me
Elevate my selfish lullaby
My selfish lullaby
My selfish lullaby

Half an Hour


Half an Hour

We were warned of the end
It's coming now
If you don't believe me
Take a look at this world
The state it's in
Got half an hour
What would you do?

Would you run and hide away?
Would you stand outside and pray?
Would you do all of the things you'd hoped you could?
Would you sleep under the stars
With a loved one in your arms
And you're only wish that you could save them?


Meteors fall from the sky
You hear a baby cry
And you ask yourself if you you should save it
It's so hard to comprehend
This really is the end
There is no tomorrow coming




I climb into the wakening
The shadows of my Life
Can do no damage to me
I feel I'm losing count of all the times

I thought that you were mine
But it appears
That I'm just losing time

So I fall
And I fall
And I stagger
And I crumble into your soul
I feel so small
And I don't know what to say
I don't know what to say to you

I wake up and the window
I'm waiting for the world
The morning's not yet broken
I'll sit and think my way through all the times

I thought that you were mine
But it appears
That I've just lost my life


To you
To you
To you




Fall under my spell
I've cast on pennies in the wishing well
I pray my dreams come true
And here I lie thinking about you

Trapped inside my tower
I close my eyes and relive every hour
Of what I see each time I dream
But what I know will never be

Chorus 1
These are the confessions of an unknown child
(trapped inside her fairytale)
This is me I live inside my dreams

A thousand miles away
Is where I see you everyday
In my land of make believe
Where my shining knight will save me

Chorus 2
These are the confessions of an unknown child
(trapped inside her fairytale)
This is me I live inside my dreams
These are the confessions of a nobody
(till she sleeps and is taken away)
To a land where she is free

Chorus 2

Such a Sudden


Such a sudden

It could happen to us all
Such a sudden rise and fall
How do we know it will last

Take a chance on everything
Never know when you will win
Watch your dreams all turn to ash

Bleed me dry
Close my eyes
Watch me untie

My life is endlessly numb
I don't know what I will become
Hear my call silently spoken
Hear my call whispered and broken

Blindfold eyes to hide the truth
Just know I have faith in you
Fading out to something new
(Fading out to something)



Alter Ego - Album (released August 2005
Confessions - Album (released April 2006)
L.A - Single (released October 2005)
For Always - Single
Ellan Vannin - Single

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