Twisted Rage

Twisted Rage

 Socorro, New Mexico, USA

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Written By: Julian A. Paquin

Your cold felt presence,
your cold felt skin
peirced the light ... through the thickness of your sins.

The world fell to its knees
with what might be its future.
So many times it was ... was like torture.

The troubled world had hope.
It fell through all.
And like the sorrows of now
everthing will fall.

So many like thee
it may seem.
Total faults dominate me.
My nightmare of dreams.

I've stood here before.
Once again you open me,
feed me sh** ,
and use my blood as paint.

I'm fighting.
I'm dragging.
I'm killing.
I'm dying.
Frantic old new.
Hell is sh**
and true.
Death is cruel.
And so are you.

Copyright © 2005