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The best kept secret in music



So much for a quiet month after Christmas! January has been quite a hard rockin' month! And where better to check out the best of the local rock scene than at the Rosetta? A visit there last month proved to be a real eye-opener…

I haven't see the Bete Noires in a while and they certainly impressed me more than the last time I caught them. Their set was a lot ballsier, more energetic than I remembered and they've certainly got a more muscular live sound than before. Of course, they still have that early Nineties sound, with their grungy riffs and anguished punk vocals, but they're certainly improving and this was the best performance I've seen from them in a while…

However, the highlight of the Rosetta set was easily Twisted Rose. Looking like they'd crawled out of a Hollywood gutter and raided Guns N' Roses wardrobe, Twisted Rose certainly have an impressive stage presence - As for the tunes, it's pure sleazy metal and I'll be damned if it's not a lot of fun! They also do excellent covers of The Sweet's 'Ballroom Blitz' and Kiss' 'Gold Gin'. I'd really recommend them - but then I am a bit of a closet Motley Crue fan!
It's safe to say there were more than a few potential cases of whiplash after that gig!
See you next month!


Twisted Rose, a young four piece rock'n'roll band from Northern Ireland are, in their own words, aiming to strip back rock and roll music to its basics to deliver what they consider to be the essence of what is great about guitar bands.

Their performance live is on equal footing with the noisy bravado that seems inherent in this traditionally macho style of music, and as such keeps an audience with their eyes on the stage. the actual performance of their music does seem important to the band, and they like to put on a show.
They enjoy what they do, and show it- they are very much a 'foot on the amp, turned up to 11' kind of band.
There is no doubt that they are talented musicians, and although there has been a tendency over the years for musicians in this sphere of music to be a little too good (think endless screeching guitar solos, think tiresome rolling drum solos) they seem to be very much in control of their abilities, and also of when to use them.
The songs are short enough to remain interesting, not overly long, trying to over exploit the best bits to tedious degrees!
The covers they do are not just re-rendered copies of the originals, but are indeed done in an equal unique style. However, as a band on their way up they will be pushing their own unique material as much as possible, and will not be settling for sets dominated by covers.
I think that, for many, TR may prove to be a 'love them or hate them' type of band. they have the potential to appeal to a great many people, but the realisation of this will depend of what people 'think' they know they like already.
They seem to have a rather admirable policy of knowing what they like and playing what they like- an uncompromising and refreshingly original approach, and one that can only inspire respect.


"Interview with Darren Waters: L.A.GUNS"

"The best thing I've heard out of Ireland since Thin Lizzy"
- Darren Waters, Guitar Tech Black Label Society/L.A Guns - trpress-


“Bring ‘Em Down” (EP 2006):
Track Listing:

- Hollywood Skeletons 3.44 mins
- Devils Eyes 4.10 mins
- Sweet Rose 4.15 mins
- Sleazy Does it 4.17 mins
- Ballroom Blitz 'Live' 4.15 mins

“Devil’s Eyes” (Single 2006) – BBC Radio and Television


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ok…this band have played with members of Guns N Roses, played with members of L.A Guns, have been spotted with guys from Queen, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, Alice Cooper, Slash’s Snakepit, (many of which have been snapped wearing a TR shirt on stage, even Slash has one!) and are getting set to make their American debut on a West Coast tour next year… why?

Because Twisted Rose eat, sleep and shit rock music! Their unique brand of raw, ballsy rock n’ roll has won them a growing fan base over their few years as a band, and following the successful “Rockin Heads, Rollin Bones” tour of 2005, their profile is getting bigger and bigger by the minute! This year saw the band complete the recording of their debut E.P “Bring ‘Em Down”, which has had a great response from both media and fans, and this is PRIOR to its official release which will be in Nov 06. Some of the tracks have even featured on BBC television as soundtracks for programs.

"Bring ‘Em Down"…what does it mean? Well it goes hand in hand with the mind frame of Twisted Rose. These guys are sick to the back teeth of watching excuses for rock bands making waves off the back of commercial dribble labelled as “modern rock music”. Where’s the energy…the showman ship…the adrenalin that gave bands the momentum to fill stadiums back in the golden age…? Gone you say, I think not…it’s right here, and ready to go!