Twistin' Trees

Twistin' Trees


Twistin' Trees is a smokin' hot 8 piece jamband. We focus on the funkier side of music and have a killer horn section!


Twistin' Trees began in the summer of 2001 as an idea between Chad Jacobsen and David Schwerdtfeger. The original idea was to get local musicians together to jam and eventually focus on writing strong original songs while playing the occasional cover. Throughout the summer ideas flowed from the group but it wasn't until Ben Maynard joined that the first original songs were fully developed.
From there the group gained permanent membership with the inclusion of Seth Minnihan. Starting out playing open mics and various local venues as well as opening for Mason Jennings at the Maintenance Shop, the group slowly evolved from an idea into a band.
Over the course of 2002 Twistin' Trees acquired a trombone player, as well as replacements for the departing horn section. Through Mark Olofson and Justin McManus the band's sound changed from the original concept of saxophone and trumpet, to saxophone and trombone.
By 2003 the band's roster changed frequently, most often in the guise of a drummer. Eventually Nathan Griffith tried out and became a full time member of the band as well as a late addition of a trumpet player, Willa Eaton.
Over the past three and a half years Twistin' Trees wrote stronger originals, as well as improved their own musical ability on individual levels and as a group. The song writing team of Maynard/Schwerdtfeger does their best to create original ideas that help showcase each member's musical abilities.
With the debut release of "The Sound the Band Makes" they were able to solidify a strong representation of their sound. Rather than try to capture their live shows on an album, the band chose to express their creative side by making a great sounding, ambitious studio work.
Produced, engineered and mixed by the band, "The Sound the Band Makes" is an excellent portrayal of what Twistin' Trees is and does musically.
With the long awaited CD release, Twistin' Trees plans on stepping out into the regional market.


Rickshaw for One

Written By: Ben Maynard

verse 1

If it wasn't for the trees out there
if it wasn't for the air
if it wasn't the grass I said
I'd be more inclined to care
If it wasn't for the fever
if it wasn't for the cold
if it wasn't for the better half
I wouldn't need another goal
It wasn't where I was going
it was only where I was
and that was way behind
no better reason just because

verse 2

I was checkin out the scene
found the road to paradise
was a bird I has seen before
but it never caught my eye
next thing I know and I'm runnin for the trees
said heads up maybe I'm on the way now
what will ever become of me

Verse 3

do you think the reason
should really precede the plan
and do you think an attitude
can make a better man
said it's the smoke without a fire
it's a fear without a pain
it's all want with no desire
it's a stake without a claim
maybe it came in a dream
or creeped in with the smoke
or maybe I ripped reality
or the whole thing was a joke
I wasn't where I remembered I had been or every was
with no ticket stub to lead me home
no seat up in the bus
said I got to get up walkin
get on down the street
where was I and were you there
or was it just the place you ought to be

verse 3

messin around again
I got the feelin this ceiling could be my only friend
on ticket and I'm way in line
one minute and I'm passin time
looking out for a reason
one step and I'm thinking bout turning back
see what matters to me
one moral that I'm breaking now
got to let whatever happens to be
one moral that you're breaking now
thinking that i wouldn't find out indeed
no reason not to get down
baby not to get on down with me
really why do you get out walking
why do you get out walkin
too stubborn just to take a ride
now people hop inside


Full Length Album - The Sound The Band Makes

We've also had success on college radio and on local Clear Channel affiliates