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Twist Productions: rap, rock with a funk, jazz flex. This is a typical description provided by fans of the band. Two Toronto producers who, "Love to perform," combining live guitar and keys, with a twist of edgy rock and soulful vocals, this duo is really creating a stir in Toronto's music scene.


Richie Miles, and Brando began working on their debut album, "The End of the Beginning" in January 2007, and completed the album in just 10 months. Tired of being involved in bands restricted to one music-style and limited in creativity, this 'dynamic-duo' decided to make an album for the music, with no limitations or labels. Richie Miles has been rapping and producing since the age of 18, bringing his soul, r&b, hip-hop music experience from his previous projects (Zero Tolerance), as well as his 'voice of a decade' and stunning piano skills, Richie Miles boasts his own when it comes to TwistProductions. Brando has been playing guitar since the age of 12, and has picked up various other instruments along the way (including: keys, drums, bass, tuba, digeridoo), and has played in rock/rap/alternative bands all over the province (most notably '52 Pickup and Forefront), combined with his newly developed producing skills and unique and melodic songwriting ability, Brando is definately a defining light in the Twist Productions chapter. "Producers who love to perform" is the self-description from the terrible two. With an album boasting rockin' blues riffs, acoustic melodies, 'bring-it-back' hip-hop songs, and shredding rock riffs, their debut album shows how much more is to come and the potential these two bring to the table appears to be unlimited.



Written By: Brandon Bateman, Richie Miles

Out on the plateau where I feel alright/ Out on the plateau I get away from you/ Out on the plateau where I feel alright/ Out on the plateau I'm alive//

Verse 1:
When I think back to the days when I was younger/ Naive I wasn't grateful for the roof that I was under/ Believing that I needed something better something different/ I know it all you tried to tell me but I didn't listen/ And now I find myself in this position/ Wish I could go back and fix it but I can't/ Some mistakes are irreversible it hurts to know/ That what I left you for just wasn't worth it so a part of me is dead/ But you memory lives on inside my head and I//

I don't ever want to feel this pain again/ Won't somebody help me stop this aching/ I don't know if I can make it to the end/ Maybe I should just run away/ To a place where I can find myself again/ I never thought that I'd be lost for ages/ So sick of feeling like there's no way I can win, maybe I should just run away//

Verse 2:
Haunted by the choices that I've made in my past/ I never thought I'd end up here it appears I've strayed from my path/ And now I'm afraid to move forward but it's too late to go back/ I can't fix what I have broken, if you know then show me how/ Cuz I'm, not going to give in to this hell I've been livin'/ All this hoping, praying, and wishing and still I'm in this condition/ If I, ever really want to get out alive, Instead of being frozen in time, to amend what is broken inside, do what I must because//


Twist Productions: The End of The Beginning

Set List

(Typical 30-min set)
1. Alive
2. Breaking Point
3. Last words
4. Bring It Back
5. So Long A Letter
6. Free
7. Laughin' In Silence