In the fall of 1998 two 7th graders came together and played the first notes of a musical collaboration that would become Twists. Despite their inexperience, the music they played came alive… and their lives would never be the same again. In the basement of their home in the Boston suburbs, Tim Choate and Dave Newman looked for a third member to round out their unique sound. When they first heard Miles Crettien they found that together, they possessed the tools to make music that reaches down into the soul of the listener and leaves an indelible mark. The group was complete… Twists was born. Over an 8 year period of development, Twists learned how to take rock music to an entirely new level, and once their sound is broadcast to the masses, rock n roll may be never be the same again.

Twists music can be difficult to describe, as so much of its power comes from the emotions it conveys to the listener. The style is undeniably rock with a harder edge, but can shift effortlessly between reggae, hardcore and Latin influences, sometimes all within the same musical phrase. This makes for music that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat, not sure where the song will take them, but blissfully ready for the next destination in their musical journey. For all the comparisons and complements lauded at Twists, it is very easy to see why their music has such an impact on its listeners. Quite simply, this is music that makes lasting memories. The kind of songs that many years from now will evoke feelings that had long been forgotten. Twists are the new soundtrack to life in 2006 and beyond.

Comparisons to everyone from The Mars Volta, Incubus, 311, early Smashing Pumpkins, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers converge with varied artists such as Bone Thugs, Steel Pulse, The Police and The Cure. Regardless of which influences come out most in the track you may be listening to, it becomes more and more evident with each listen that Twists are peers of the artists that prompted them to pick up their instruments.

The first thing that takes most by surprise when listening to a Twists record for the first time, is the undeniably unique vocals of Dave Newman who also provides the driving drum tracks for the band. His heart wrenchingly honest singing draws the listener in and his lyrics reveal new motives and emotions with each listen. Unbelievably, Dave is able to deliver a flawless live vocal performance while playing complex polyrythms on his drum kit, sometimes at breakneck speed. This dichotomy adds fuel to the fire during live shows as Dave pushes a microphone out of his face to fully envelope the drums during an intense instrumental drive, only to finish his fill with one hand as he grabs the mic stand just moments before he belts out another emotive vocal. It's a display that must be seen to believe. Dave has been playing drums since the age of 10, however his chops clearly come as much from ingrained talent as they do from practice and study.

The rhythms Twists produces come courtesy of a nearly telepathic relationship between Dave and Miles Crettien, the dynamic bassist in the trio. Miles seems to have an innate ability to feel and emulate complex dub and reggae baselines, while at the same time never overplaying or distracting the listener from the soaring vocals or screaming guitar. Miles is the son of an internationally renowned jazz musician, as well as a conservatory taught
Virtuoso. As well, his unbridled energy on stage during live performances whips the audience into a frenzy as Miles gives everything he has directly to the fans.

Finishing the sound is the melodic anchor in the group, Tim Choate, the Berklee trained guitar master. His style of playing shifts back and forth effortlessly between insanely heavy metallic riffs to smooth jazzy chords. While Tim is indeed the only guitar player in the band, you will swear that there must be someone else playing...another musician hiding behind the curtain. It seems almost impossible to believe that one player could create such a full sound, with Tim often playing rhythm and lead parts all at the same time. While Tim's sound may be mind blowing, there are no smoke and mirrors, no pre-recorded parts....Tim's playing speaks the truth.

Since their inception, Twists have been hard at work honing their sound, and paying their dues, in an industry that gives nothing back without hard work and dedication. Their efforts have paid off, landing them shows all over the Boston club circuit, at venues such as Bills Bar, Harper's Ferry and The Middle East, as well as west coast jaunts to top notch venues such as the storied Viper Room on LA’s sunset strip. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the honest and groundbreaking aspects of their music have made Twists an underground phenomenon amongst Massachusetts high school and college students. The fire created at their shows and online through myspace and other sites is spreading quickl


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