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"They're calling us some legends, but the bottoms understands me" Probably the most fitting line to describe what Two4One is all about. Our music is the underdog story: Didn't have much, but made more out of no opportunity than most with too much. Celebrate life at EVERY turn & bring our fans along!


Hailing from a small town in Illinois, "Belligerent" reminds you of that "Golden Era" hip hop. Lyrical, passionate, and thrives on making sure the crowd leaves fully satisfied. Dutch Young is NO DIFFERENT. Hailing from Kansas City, MO Dutch brings a level of energy to every stage performance that cannot be matched. every word is heartfelt, and as passionate as the line before. Performing like veterans, Dutch Young, and Belligerent make up the hip hop collective known as Two4One.

Influenced by LIFE more than anything. The Two4One sound takes you on a journey of highs, lows, and in-betweens. But, based on watching their stage performance, you'd never know how much of a struggle it was to garner the respect and support from Midwest heavyweights.

Two4One spent the last year playing shows all over the Midwest and every venue would say the same thing, "You guys have so much energy!" That's what sets them apart from other groups. EVERYTHING is left on the stage. Regardless of crowd size, venue, or set time. They want you to remember where you were when you heard of Two4One.


"Millionaire" - available for streaming via

Two4One Debut Album "Bargain Basement" available 3/12/13.

Individual projects:

"TrialxError"- Dutch Young
available at

"Belligerent Presents: The Soulo Project" - Belligerent
available at