two cold

two cold

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
DuoJazzAdult Contemporary

This band creates a sound for smooth jazz. Their varied sounds is pleasurable for the listener. Their hallmark tunes have captivated the steppers, line dancers, walkers, boppers and ballet. The line dancers even created a dance called the Odyssey from theirsong, Last Night. The music is truly made for the smooth listener.


TWO COLD is comprised of the musicians Sherwen Moore and Aaron C. Nicholas; both natives of Chicago, Illinois. TWO COLD; Sherwen and Aaron, have created music that, simply put, symbolizes calm intensity.

Sherwen Moore is a member Local 10-208 AFM. His father, Leo Moore, studied classical music and played piano with jazz greats: Gene Ammons (, Nat King Cole ( and Errol Gardner ( These links are just a sample Leo's friends and the impact made on Sherwen. Sherwen played with Lawrence Blakley, an amazing child prodigy of the keyboards; in 1987 they formed the group TWO COLD.

Aaron C. Nicholas is also a member of ASCAP. His interest in the piano grew when he started listening to Lawrence Blakley (former member) and Sherwen Moore. Aaron eventually decided to write original music.. He played in church but it wasnt until January of 2002, when he shared his compositions with his mentor Lawrence Blakley, that he was asked to join the group.

TWO COLDs first CD, Zone Volume 1 (1997), pushed the envelope with the tenor against classically oriented piano-chord structure and juxtaposing Caribbean beat lines.
TWO COLD has been around Chicago since the late 80s mixing their music while performing public service..

Cityscapes 2010 was created just for this moment in time. That is why TWO COLDs Cityscapes 2010 meshes well with those who like their jazz organically smooth.
DJ Calvin made a special remix of TWO COLDs 'Last Night' with the Temptations, Solo, and R Kelly. Very few, if any jazz bands, create an original where the DJs remix is played for todays dancers.


Cityscapes 2010
Zone Volume 1
Last Night the remix
Tempatations/R. Kelly/Solo
air play: Cityscapes 2010
1. last Night
2. Poppin
Zone Volume 1
1. Crossroads
2. No Fear

Set List

45 minute set
oringinal music plus some cover music ie.
Favorite things
So Fresh So Clean
Moody's Mood
On a Clear Day