Two-Day Suitcase

Two-Day Suitcase


We are Two-Day Suitcase, an Austin band whose original music ambles between Van Morrison, Paul Simon, and Stevie Wonder. Fronted by two lifelong friends, our well-crafted songs have a timeless sound and lyrics that linger.


Two-Day Suitcase (formerly known as the Merci Buckets) grooved their way into the Austin music scene as an evolution of Taylor Acee (acoustic guitar/vocals) and Matt Meldrum's (upright bass/vocals) experiences growing up learning to play music together in Pittsburgh, PA. Joined by Danielle Hartman on flute, Stephanie Meldrum on keys, Kevin Schubert on Congas and Djembe, and John Hume on Drums and Cajon, they deliver original lyrics with sweet, yet sometimes gritty, vocal harmonies.

Their latest demo, Congress House Sessions, captures the organic soul that Two-Day Suitcase displays on stage - delighting an eclectic audience.


Demo: Congress House Sessions
(Note: Additional percussion provided on these recordings by Larry Tamkin)