Two Dog Mob

Two Dog Mob


We're perfectly painless, but you'll be left with a cool indelible impression, that is, "A groove you can't remove". Step into our parlor of tricks and hot licks for a funkin' good time. We're available to kick off any concert, corporate occasion, opening act or charity event.


Brussels-born Yves Stilmant’s brilliant guitar work shows a distinct European flair. TDM benefits from his extensive knowledge of sound, recording and song writing. Yves resume reads like an article in “Rolling Stone.” He has shared the stage with some of the industries’ finest.

Jason Smith, Bass is one busy player! His style is a blend of cool sophistication and hip funk. Jason makes a smooth transition from one genre to another with a minimum of effort and a maximum of style.

John Goodlife, drums, has been playing the Reno scene with serious cats. Nothing stops John to keep everybody in the pocket and drive the band to a serious groove!

Peter is mostly know for his hit with Earth Wind and Fire "Getaway", and played with Yves in Europe and in the US, they have know each other for over 20 years now. His funk and jazz style add dynamite to this band.
Peter is joining the band on occasion, when his busy schedule allows it.


We are currently finishing our album and tracks will be available soon, as we finish to record in our studio.
Radio stations from Reno (KOZZ, KUNR, and the "X") to the Bay area, as well as XM radio and internet radios have aired G.T.

Need more info, Please contact us, it's free!

Set List

We can perform shows tailored to your needs; from a typical 3 or 4 sets (45 minutes) but at our best with a full blown 90 minutes show that both includes original materials and few covers.
Covers includes songs from Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Stevie Wonder, Willie Dixon, Bo Diddley, ZZTop, etc .