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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF
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"Two Dollar Grey-EP"

Two Dollar Grey


Joel Harris - sound engineer

Two Dollar Grey was formed in early 2010 when five musicians from different bands came together to create the new chapter in musically hard driven song creations. Striving from national and local industry success, Two Dollar Grey utilizes their different influences and styles to create a massive impression wherever they are heard. They are on the brink of releasing a new EP which offers up 5 new tracks. The EP gets started with “You Don't Belong” a track with loads to offer. The quick intro will get you mouth watering then the vocals slip in with a great tone. The song comes together very nicely with solid guitars and steady drums. The vocals have a nice sound to them as well. They have a slight sadistic sound them as they really burrow in your head. The lyrics are descent as well. They are easy to pick up and run with. The vibe is excellent and this track could do something. “Saw You There” is a heavy hitting with huge guitars and even bigger drums. Together they rip off some killer tunes that will have any metal junkie shaking. The vocals again are stellar and the addition of some backing vocals amplifies them even more. The bass drops some thick lines that will have you yelling. There are also several spots where they can get a crowd involved too. This is a good track. “Ready or Not” begins by ripping off some huge guitars before some odd vocals slide in. They quickly clean it up with some backing efforts to create a nice sound. They do bring those odd vocals back, but the second time you are use to them. The tracks progresses very well. “Did Me Right” is smooth. This track could spark a radio movement for these guys. The vocals are very clear and easy to follow. The music seems simple, but it’s big in sound and draws you in. It has a good vibe, but I think that the overall presence make it a radio track. It doesn’t have the intensity as some of the others, but I feel that they are more of a live or crank up the stereo tune. “Come Undone” closes out the album with a monster track. It has everything imaginable. They have smooth lead vocals and some metal screaming vocals. They also add in some female vocals that will drive you crazy. The music is great and the overall impression that the song leaves on you will be huge. This is a star waiting to be found and we just found it. The vibe of the track is off the charts and this track will propel them into the next phase of their career. Overall this is a stellar EP. I’m proud to say that I have heard it and I will sure let my friends know that they should check them out. The vocals are pretty good, but do give off some strange sets from time to time. I’m not sure if it is an effect that they are placing on them or if it is just the way he is winding out of the note, but it is the only negative I have with these five track and it doesn’t happen very often. The guitars get to fly off the handle on more than one occasion and the drums lay down some serious beats. They also let the bass get involved with a thick line or two. The backing vocals are solid, but the female vocals take “Come Undone” to the next level. You won’t want to take this EP out of your CD player.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Did Me Right, Come Undone

Track List:

You Don't Belong
Saw You There
Ready or Not
Did Me Right
Come Undone

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"Two Dollar Grey-Saw You There"

Review: Two Dollar Grey - Saw You There
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Aug 262011

The Southwest metal scenes are nearly boiling over with a slough of bands who seem to be derivative of one another. Enter Two Dollar Grey, a Phoenix five-piece who smacks of originality within the genre, echoing the past, present and future of metal in recombinant forms.. The conglomeration of different area bands, Two Dollar Grey acts as a brain-trust of musical ideas and essences. Their long-awaited, five- song EP, Saw You There exemplifies this new sound; here’s the blow-by-blow.

The album opens with “You Don’t Belong,” quickly establishing the band’s rhythm heavy ethos, with drums and guitars converging in a straight-forward onslaught of sound. The chorus collapses into a half-time, break-down, as the vocal harmonies rise above in a Mike Patton-esque display. On “Saw You There” growling, compressed guitars set a syncopated rhythm which open up into a brilliant,, wall-of-sound on the chorus, while bassist, Jake, drives the song’s breakdown with a forceful display of bass work. The fast paced, “Did Me Right” is arguably the most formidable song of the set, with an unyielding energy stemming from Craig’s intensely rhythmic vocal line, while Corey Michalski’s drum line shifts seamlessly through time signatures, adding a crisp bounce to accentuate the song’s push. “Ready Or Not” slows the tempo a bit, allowing space for Nathan Gullickson and Bob Baliff staccatoed, layered, palm-muted guitars. What starts as a seeming slower track, gains a cage-rattling momentum by the songs end. Closing with the sets only cover, Duran Duran’s “Come Undone” TDG shows it’s versatility pulling in both beautiful female vocals and guttural low-end growls to accompany Daley’s ethereal, thin, Mynard Kennan-like voice.

But the thing that truly makes TDG a game-changer is their insistence on rhythmic intensity: the vocals juxtapose the drum and bass work, the guitars further the melee of altered beats. All of which somehow result in a highly accessible, palate-able record on Saw You There. The veteran presence of this Phoenix, AZ supergroup is entirely self-evident, resulting in a well-considered, cerebral, metal experience.

Grade: A-

-Miles Christopher

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"Saw You There": 5 song EP released in September 2011



Phoenix, Arizona’s TWO DOLLAR GREY has exploded onto the music world with their uniquely styled version of “Groove Rock”. Featuring songs and a live show infused with pounding rhythms and soaring melodies, the band’s approach to music has made them a must see in only one year of existence. With members coming from different projects that all experienced national and local success, TWO DOLLAR GREY came together in the summer of 2010 and instantly began to create the next chapter in musically hard driven song creations during featured performances with such heavy hitters as Cold, Powerman 5000, Taproot and Egypt Central. Take all this and combine it with an intense local and rapidly growing national fan base, TWO DOLLAR GREY’S music has spread from Seattle to Boston and radio stations such as WEBN 102.7 FM (Cincinnati, OH), KUPD 97.9 FM (Phoenix, AZ) and WMZK 104.1 FM (Wausau, WI) have already seen their request lines light up for their first single “You Don't Belong”. All of this initial success drives home the fact that this band is poised to take the modern rock world by storm with the release of their debut E.P. “Saw You There” in September of 2011.
Many believe that rock music has become stale and uninspired with all bands ultimately ending up sounding the same. TWO DOLLAR GREY has relentlessly worked to change that stigma as they continue to pile up fans and great reviews from critics such as Miles Christopher of who recently stated:

-“But the thing that truly makes TDG a game-changer is their insistence on rhythmic intensity: The vocals juxtapose the drum and bass work, the guitars further the melee of altered beats. All of which somehow result in a highly accessible, palate-able record on Saw You There. The veteran presence of this Phoenix, AZ “supergroup” is entirely self-evident, resulting in a well-considered, cerebral, metal experience.”

As you can see TWO DOLLAR GREY did not come together to be one of the same in a sea of modern rock one hit wonders. They came together to push the envelope of music, rip it open and then tear it to shreds with a new breed of music that will keep fans clamoring to hear and see the band for years to come. Check it out for yourself at