Two Fisted Law

Two Fisted Law

 Bethel, Connecticut, USA

Two Fisted Law is a five piece punk band drawing from both old school and new school to create a full modern punk sound. This is not simple 3 chord punk but its still got the feel of the core of the movement.


Two Fisted Law is a punk band hailing from Danbury Connecticut. Dating back to 2001, their sound is rooted in core punk bands like Bad Religion, The Misfits and Black Flag but now draws from more modern influences. Guitarist Rick Foster, and bassist Dave Haug have been with the band from the beginning. Kyle Trocolla joined the band in 2005 but has been playing with Dave, and Rick in various music projects for years. Their familiarity with each other helps them work together to produce something that the band is always proud of. Jym McDermott (Last Kyd Picked,Statement of Purpose, Rivers End) came on board in 2007 and has the most experience out of anyone, being a lead singer for a number of years. With the addition of Matt Rosenzweig and his heavy metal influence the band has developed a more unique feel than most classic punk bands out there and completing the immense sound that is Two Fisted Law. As the band looks to the future there is little that can stand in their way of bringing back the glory of punk rock to the starving masses.


United We Sit- released October 2009
91.7 fm WXCI- "The Miracle" regular rotation We Sit regular rotation

Set List

Typical set lists are from 30-90 minutes.
Ballad of Forgotten Souls, Ice Fight, The Courageous, The Miracle, Late Nights and Bar Fights, Three Chords and the Truth, Taking Notice, Operation Population Control, Good Religion, Last Man Standing, Blue Collar Hero, Drunken Pedestrian.

Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison Blues"
The Misfits- " Hybrid Moments"
The Misfits- "Halloween"
The Misfits- "Astro-Zombies"
The Misfits- "Last Caress"
NOFX- "Murder the Government"