Two Fisted Law
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Two Fisted Law

Bethel, Connecticut, United States

Bethel, Connecticut, United States
Band Rock Punk


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"Two Fisted Law- ICE FIGHT Rated Top Ten song by Official FN Radio Listeners"

Top 95 Songs on OFNR
Friday, 01 January 2010 00:08
Top 10 Rated Songs as of 1/1/2010 12:00A
10 Counting Crows - A Long December - Recovering the Satellites
9 Two Fisted Law - Ice Fight - United We Sit
8 AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long - You Shook Me All Night Long (Single)
7 Bruce Springsteen - Blinded By The Light - Blinded By The Light (Single)
6 Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy - Outside Looking In
5 Billy Idol - White Wedding - White Wedding (Single)
4 Bush - Warm Machine - The Science Of Things
3 The Cure - Friday I'm in Love - Galore: The Singles 1987-1997
2 Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Single)
1 Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water - The Very Best Of Deep Purple
- Official FN Radio

"TWO FISTED LAW named OfficialFNRadio November 2009 Artist of the Month"

With the madness that was this poll, OFNR experienced a few firsts. What it definitively did do was bring some much needed publicity to the Independent Scene and the fact that no matter who you like, hate or love to hate their are some amazingly talented musicians and rabid fans.

Two Fisted Law has been around for over a decade and has undegone many changes, as a band with that many miles on it is known to. The band consists of 5 truly down to earth guys, a few fathers and a whole lot of Punk Rock.

With influences ranging from NOFX and the Misfits to Matt's Ipod of Doom as we found out on Madri Gras with Mo on the Mic this past November 24th when the band joined us in the studio.

As a fan of local music, I have had the guilty pleasure of catching Two Fisted at Snapper Mcgees in torrington many a time.

But, it wasn't until just recently that I caught up with the band in their hometown of Danbury at none other than Cousin Larry's. The house was packed with only the loudest, happiest group of fans. And what's not to love? Screaming guitar work, snappy drums and growling vocals.

The band brings the high intensity and passion for the game. Doing it not for the money, exposure, or some fancy record contract. Instead they do it because they love to create music. The immediate plus of what goes on behind the music coupled with the music itself causes a smile to come across your face when they hit the stage.

The brand new album United We Sit can get magically stuck in your CD player only to find yourself singing along and air drumming along to such classic songs and fan favorites as Drunken Pedestrians, Ice Fight, and the Ballad of Forgotten Souls.

Clearly a ballad not intended for the likes of the LAW. Not with memorable moments such as flinging themselves unmercifully down the "Moosetock water slide of doom", and walking away with bruised and battered bodies and shit eatin' grins on their faces. Dave will still proudly show you his battle scars.

The Fans have spoken and the answer is clear. Two Fists in the air go triumphantly up for OFNR's November Artist of the Month.

Next time these guys play in your town, pick yourself up a copy the brand new Two Fisted CD or better still get it via ITunes

"Get you some of this, get one for each fist!"

- Bob on The Knob -

"Laying Down The Law"

Two Fisted Law isn't just from Danbury, it's a fixture on the city's music scene.

"We play two, three, even four shows a month in Danbury," said Kyle Trocolla, one of the band's guitarists. The group is a regular at music hot spots like Cousin Larry's and the City Ale House. Their next Danbury gig is Friday at the City Ale House. The fun starts at 9 p.m.

Two Fisted Law's sound is rooted in classic punk bands like Bad Religion, The Misfits and Black Flag, but also draws from more modern influences. Trocolla, 32, said a lot of their fans are fans of the punk genre, but they also draw from a diverse range of music lovers because their music falls somewhere between pop and hard-core punk.

"It's got a more diverse appeal than if it was hard-core punk or poppy punk," Trocolla said.

Last autumn the band came out with its first full- length CD, "United We Sit." The album was released by Sling Slang Records, an independent record label based out of the Hartford area.

Trocolla said that the majority of the band's fans became fans after seeing them play live. "Our live shows are pretty fiery, pretty energetic," he explained. "We work hard to make sure our shows stand out."

Two Fisted Law originally formed in 2002 and the current configuration has been together since 2007. In addition to Trocolla, it features Rick Foster on guitar, Dave Haug on bass, Matt Rosenzweig on drums, and Jym McDermott on lead vocals. Trocolla lives in Bethel, but the other musicians all live in Danbury.

Trocolla said the band's lyrics cover "anything from politics to a night out hanging with our friends." Their song-writing process is very collaborative. One member will come to practice with a riff or some lyrics, and from there each member contributes to the composition. "Typically we write the songs as a group," Trocolla said.

When he's not rocking out, Trocolla is a social studies teacher at the Alternative Center for Excellence, an alternative high school in Danbury. His students have sometimes attended Two Fisted Law shows and enjoy seeing Trocolla out of the classroom. "It's a different side they get to see," Trocolla said. "The support makes me feel pretty good."

As for the band's future, Trocolla said they're working on organizing an East Coast tour over the summer and might release another CD by the end of the year.

Asked what the highlight of the band's career has been so far, Trocolla said it's the way their hometown has embraced them. "The highlight of our career has been becoming as much a part of the Danbury music scene as we've become," Trocolla said. - Danbury News Times - January 29th 2010


United We Sit- released October 2009
91.7 fm WXCI- "The Miracle" regular rotation We Sit regular rotation



Two Fisted Law is a punk band hailing from Danbury Connecticut. Dating back to 2001, their sound is rooted in core punk bands like Bad Religion, The Misfits and Black Flag but now draws from more modern influences. Guitarist Rick Foster, and bassist Dave Haug have been with the band from the beginning. Kyle Trocolla joined the band in 2005 but has been playing with Dave, and Rick in various music projects for years. Their familiarity with each other helps them work together to produce something that the band is always proud of. Jym McDermott (Last Kyd Picked,Statement of Purpose, Rivers End) came on board in 2007 and has the most experience out of anyone, being a lead singer for a number of years. With the addition of Matt Rosenzweig and his heavy metal influence the band has developed a more unique feel than most classic punk bands out there and completing the immense sound that is Two Fisted Law. As the band looks to the future there is little that can stand in their way of bringing back the glory of punk rock to the starving masses.