Two Guns

Two Guns


We really like American music and believe that is reflected in the songs we write. Simple songs with valiant attempts to be heavy on melody and candid lyrics. We fit snugly with the likes of Jeff Tweedy/Wilco, David Bazan, and M. Ward.


Cold War Kids, Crystal Antlers, Ikey Owens (Mars Volta), Delta Spirit, Jessica Dobson (Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and Avi Buffalo begin to hint at what is quickly becoming a known fact: Long Beach, California has become the new Silver Lake. TWO GUNS front man, Kevin Poush, has been living and creating in this Southern California town for nearly a decade. So when the band was able to share the newly restored Art Theater's stage with Jason Lytle back in June that moment of clarity regarding Long Beach's gain in the cool factor hit home. "I've been a huge fan of Lytle's music for a really long time. When we were offered the chance to open for him, I was thrilled- thrilled to play with him, for sure, but to share a stage in Long Beach? This wouldn't have happened even just 2 years ago. Long Beach has always sort of been the bastard child of Los Angeles and Orange County; neither wanting any stake in it. So for us that have been here a long time, to see the music scene gaining recognition and attracting larger and hipper acts, it's just a great thing to see." Just six months prior to that moment on stage, TWO GUNS released their well received 11 song, self-titled, debut album much to the delight of over 40 national radio stations across the country. Songs like "One Direction" (featuring background vocals by friend Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo) reached as high as #13 on the Specialty Radio Charts; not bad considering TWO GUNS have been D.I.Y. from day one. Garnering local support by the power house alternative rock radio station KROQ, the taste makers over at KCRW and an invite to play an in-house acoustic set by Phoenix's The Edge has played a large role in TWO GUNS' momentum. Landing a placement of the song "The Yellow Book" in Jason Bushman's independent film, "Hollywood, Je T'aime" was yet another 2009 success story for the band. Another would be back to back week's of placement on MTV's hit show Jersey Shore with their song's Heavyheads and The Yellow Book- the latter during the season finale episode. It has all seemed to follow the simple formula that Poush and Co. (including Aaron Bradford on keys, Adam Ferry on Drums, Christopher Fudurich handling the production/engineering of the album as well as their in-studio multi-instrumentalist) has held onto from the beginning: simple tunes, catchy melodies and honest lyrics.


One Direction

Written By: Kevin Poush

We took a flight out of this town
You didn't want to leave the ground
Instead of sleep we both stayed up
To order drinks in plastic cups
High class

We walked along the avenue
Did all the things we used to do
We ate well with pockets dry
And even seemed to satisfy
One time

Blue chairs in the parking lot
We didn't want to get caught
Collect the things allowed this time
We've spent enough worrying about signs

And if there's one direction
I have two opinions
And make bad decisions
I make bad decisions, always

We saw the bridge and Lincoln too
Did all the things we used to
Instead of sleep we both stayed up
To order drinks in plastic cups
High Class

And if there's one direction
I have two opinions
And make bad decisions
I make bad decisions, always

And if there's one direction
I have two opinions
And make bad decisions
I make bad decisions


January, 2009- Two Guns released their debut, self-titled 11 song album.

Two Guns reached #11 on the Specialty Radio Albums Chart. Receiving airplay from over 40 radio stations across the country.

Track listing:
1. The Strays
2. Locomotives
3. One Direction
4. Cave In
5. Heavyheads
6. The Yellow Book
7. Lowered Expectations
8. I Live Alone
9. Dollars
10. Ponce de Leon
11. Washed Out

The Yellow Book is Track 2 on the soundtrack to Hollywood, je t'aime.

Radio Singles
1. One Direction (reached #13 on Specialty Radio Singles Chart)
2. I Live Alone
3. The Yellow Book

The song "The Yellow Book" was featured for approximately one minute, twenty-seven seconds in Jason Bushman's, "Hollywood, Je T'aime."

The song The Yellow Book was featured on the season finale of MTV's Jersey Shore.

The song Heavyheads recently aired on MTV's Jersey Shore.

Set List

A typical Two Guns set is in the 30 minute range. We don't like to overdo it and we dislike when bands play too long and interrupt and/or are inconsiderate of the other band on the bill.

This is a common set list (generally 7 or 8 songs):

1. Dollars
2. Locomotives
3. The Yellow Book
4. I Live Alone
5. Lowered Expectations
6. One Direction
7. The Strays
8. I Am Overstating (previously unreleased)