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Two Loons For Tea

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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"Two Loons for Tea album review, Shotgun Press"

A top-quality a journey to outer space

This is a top-quality band.I don't know why Two Loons shouldn't be huge... Each song is a carefully constructed landscape of ethereal, slightly jazzy music and chanteuse vocals. With lesser bands this can lead to a contrived atmosphere, but it works to a 'tea' here. There's no real point in talking about individual tracks; the album works best as a whole, as the group leads you from place to place. 'Looking for Landmarks' is like a journey to outer space, and it's easy to lose yourself in their unique world.
- Shotgun Reviews

"Looking for Landmarks album review, Ventura College"

Do yourself a favor and take a listen...

The best way to describe the Seattle duo, Two Loons for Tea, is hypnotic. Their uniquely smooth and meaningful sound is truly a fresh breath of air. They have the edgy sound of rock band but still hold on to its "chill" factor, that puts it into the same category of bands like Radiohead and Blur. This band takes a leap of faith, hoping that their audience is ready to drop the current empty pop sound for a return to a more robust musical style with layers of sound and introspective lyrics. Each song has tastes of jazz, rock and pure poetry that all mixes to create a strangely great new sound. "Looking for Landmarks," their current album, demands to be listened to with songs such as "Blue Suit" and their title track "Landmarks." Each song, with distinct lyrical value, creates a "chill" sound. The listener is drawn deeper and deeper into the album as it progresses, seemingly because of both the musical depth and the ability of the lyrics to fit each and every person... Two Loons for Tea have undeniable poetic value and musical talent. Do yourself a favor and take a listen to this powerful band. - Ventura College Press

"Looking for Landmarks album review, All Music Guide"

Melodic and memorable... soulful alternative rock

The Seattle duo of guitarist Jonathan Kochmer and vocalist Sarah Scott otherwise known as Two Loons for Tea gathered another stellar group of musicians for thier sophomore release. Once again working with musicans whose credits include King Crimson, Brian Eno, Elton John and Galactic, Two Loons' 'Looking for Landmarks' is another pristine and intricate collection of soulful alternative rock. The songwriting, while melodic and memorable, also addresses a wide array of musical styles from ambient to funk. Scott's clear voice often sounds something like The Sundays' Harriet Wheeler on a serious Marvin Gaye jag. Complimenting this is Kochmer's guitar and keyboards which have as much in common with Sam Prekop as The Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie. All in all, Landmarks pushes the boundaries of adult-alternative pop. - All Music Guide

"Looking for Landmarks album review,"

Few pop bands can reach the heights of Two Loons...

One of the most underrated indie pop bands of the twenty-first century is probably Two Loons For Tea. Few pop bands can reach the heights of Two Loons For Tea, and "Looking For Landmarks" proves that their debut was no fluke. Definitely something to check out, while waiting for their forthcoming third album.

~E.A. Solinas (Top 10 Rated Amazon Customer Reviewer) -

"Reviews of "Nine Lucid Dreams""

"...12 sexy tracks with their grab bag of styles ranging from pop to jazz to trip-hop, Dixie, folk, rock and even Latin-laced rumba... a fully realized album for sultry sunsets or sophisticated after-dark engagements."- Relix

"...powerful storytelling aligns itself, every ebb to every flow, with excellent musicianship." Amplifier

"Two Loons for Tea moves between somber and lively; the emotional landscape in between is bridged by a variety of ethnic and orchestral instruments -- including vibes, viola, erhu, and tabla -- that seem to breathe new life into the compositions... providing a bit of an experimental and eclectic streak to most of the works." All Music Guide

"...tremendous intelligence and range." CD Baby

THE BIG TAKEOVER: “[TLFT] bathe songs in a highly produced, glossy smoothness that’s whimsical and
engaging in spirit, but perfectionist in execution – so little of contemporary music bears comparison”

YAHOO! - "For downtown hipsters but their reach is decidedly global... [Sarah] Scott's a star in the making, her wailing, bad-girl-longing-for-love allure captivating from start to finish... she transports us to another world, for sure."

AMPLIFIER - “...with their most recent release, Nine Lucid Dreams, the dreamy duo Two Loons For Tea have crafted an album destined to fill every canal in your ears and every room in your residence with their lush beauty”

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER “.. singer-lyricist Sarah Scott and guitarist-composer Jonathan Kochmer perform with an engaging simplicity, their approach is not stripped down. Their subtly atmospheric arrangements already have found the Loons linked to the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead and the Cocteau Twins -- one might add the similarly dreamy duo Mazzy Starr -- and "Dreams" opens on a high note with the moody "Sunset Room,"...

EDGE - “Nine Lucid Dreams is a strong album that gets better with each listen... Nine Lucid Dreams is an example in improvisation, risk-taking, and experimentation - more admirable qualities than sticking with what you know and doing what’s easy. It’s a job well done by an intelligent and talented duo."

- Relix, Amplifier, Big Takeover, Yahoo! etc.

"Reviews of "Looking for Landmarks""

"Pop hasn't seen anything this sophisticated since Portishead... All that can be sensual, mysterious, and sexy about pop music is found in 'Looking for Landmarks'"(

The band is fronted by Sarah Scott and her traffic-stopping vocals, which have been compared with Bjork, Gwen Stefani, Billie Holiday, Tori Amos and other greats -- but as Tablet Magazine notes, Sarah "avoids the usual female-vocalist pigeonholes by simply transcending all of them." Sarah's voice is supported by the lushly layered music and production of guitarist/composer Jonathan Kochmer and producer Eric Rosse (Tori Amos, Chris Isaak) and a who's-who of some of the world's best session and live players.

Their sophomore release is "an enigmatic pop masterwork that establishes this Seattle-based duo as one of contemporary pop's most passionate and adventurous new groups" (Silver Platters). "'Looking for Landmarks' pushes the boundaries of alternative pop" (All Music Guide).

As a live group, "Two Loons for Tea could open for [anyone from] Tricky to Willie Nelson and chances are they'd win over either audience" (Lollipop Magazine).

"Amazingly, as good as their record is, the intimate experience of hearing and seeing these songs live is when the butterfly truly comes out to play."

"No other group is doing what Two Loons is doing... exemplifies the way modern music ought to be played" (Yale Daily News).
- Amazon, All Music Guide, etc.

"CMJ 2006 Festival Live Review"

TLFT captivated and devoured the room...

Seattle’s Two Loons for Tea, on this night actually a three-piece, took the stage at BLVD on Oct. 31 and launched into a powerfully haunting set of complex, full-bodied songs. The ambient-tinged, jazz-spiced style was perfect for the dimly lit lounge. Vocalist Sarah Scott belted out gorgeous melodies overlaying the guitar work of Jonathan Kochmer, who remained seated throughout the set. Third Loon Tom Armstrong, on drums and also apparently controlling the canned synths and occasional drum tracks that accompanied the trio, was introduced as a friend who lived in New York City. Scott’s pure, beautiful voice matched the large white flower she wore in her hair, though the lighting on stage left her face in the dark while the other two members were in perfect light. The dreamy style stopped just short of shoegaze, and moments when the instrumentation crescendoed into full blast were enough to produce goosebumps. The band’s strength was in building up instrumental tension and then producing perfectly-timed beats to release that tension, only to build more, while Scott’s sultry alto sailed along on vocals like, “Could you take a photo of my soul before you go.” The trio captivated and devoured the room. - Performer Magazine

"CMJ 2006 Festival Live Review"

Two Loons for Tea deliver a dreamy performance

Two Loons for Tea could only be described as dreamy when they took the stage at Crash Mansion during CMJ's opening singer/songwriter showcase. Sarah Scott's vocals snapped from soaring to breathy in one verse, and with perfectly controlled flutters a la Billie Holiday, her band was both lush and bittersweet. - Spin

"Lisbon Portugal, 2007 Live Review"

Mastering larger stages, something new for everyone...

Two Loons For Tea, the duo comprised of Sarah Scott and Jonathan Kochmer (she the svelte lady with a perfect profile; he the man of serious subtleties who moves beneath a permanent hat), was surely something new for everyone present. The group, already mastering larger stages and cool enough for Danny Ocean's favorite casinos, as a live group embodies a voyage from Americana to trip-hop, as will be proved in their next record "Nine Lucid Dreams". After their show, they left behind a lovely melancholy that persisted far longer than the time of the ten song set. - Jornal de Noticias (Portuguese National Newspaper)



"Nine Lucid Dreams" (Sarathan Records, Fontana / Universal Distribution) 2007

"Looking for Landmarks"
(Sarathan Records) 2002

"Two Loons for Tea"
(Sarathan Records) 2000

"Garden of Secrets"
(locally released cassette) 1995


"Marietta" to be AAA Radio Single, 2008

"Monkey", hit #20 FMQB AAA Charts 2007

"Green Limousine" b/w "Laughing" & "Cinnamon Toast" (Radio Single, Sarathan Records) 2003

"Blue Suit" b/w "This Mortal Rodeo"
(Radio Single, charted in top 100 AAA, Sarathan Records) 2002


LeBlon Rum "Carnival" Compilation ("This Mortal
Rodeo", remix by Tony Match, Paris France) 2008

WMVY "Fresh Produce" Compilation ("Monkey", distributed to all CIMS stores nationwide) 2007

CMJ Compilation for CMJ Music Marathon ("Monkey", included in all copies of CMJ Magazine) 2007

Filter Magazine "Guide to Good Music" Compilation ("Monkey", 20,000 copies distributed at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and Bumbershoot) 2007

FMG Spa Sounds, Tea Tunes, Mood Music Compilation ("Monkey", distributed to 1,500 lifestyle destinations) 2007

SBR Creative Compilation ("Monkey", distributed to 15,000 listeners of 10 AAA radio stations, including WXPN, WTTS, WBOS, KFOG, KMTT, etc.) 2007

Innocent Words' "More Ways than Three" Compilation (w/ Tegan & Sara, Kinski, Ani DiFranco, Juliana Hatfield, Kings X and others, Innocent Words Records) 2005

"Buddhaful Soul", compilation for Urban
Outfitters (w/ Maktub, Aiko Shimada, Nu
Sol Tribe, others, Buddhaful Music) 2003

"Music for the Minority" Compilation (with Marty Wilson-Piper (The Church) and others, Heyday Records) 2002

"Seattle Peace Concerts" Compilation, 2001


"Twitch V" soundtrack ("Blue Suit", Whitewater rafting video, Videolink) 2004

"Monkey", soundtrack for "Where There's Smoke",
winner of 2004 National Film Challenge contest
(Comedy category).

"Toxic Shellfish in the Sun", soundtrack for
"Vice 22", winner of 2004 National Film Challenge
contest (Detective Category)

"Twitch IV" Soundtrack (Whitewater rafting video,
Videolink) 2002



Seattle's Two Loons for Tea are Sarah Scott and Jonathan Kochmer.

Sarah, besides having an extra rib, was raised by a
free-spirited single mom in such exotic locales as the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, near a nudist colony in the Mountains of Santa Cruz, and in metropolitan New York City. She has integrated the bohemian lifestyle into her own personal take on life, channeling it into her soulful singing.

YAHOO! raves, "[Sarah's] a star in the making, her bad-girl-longing-for-love allure captivating from start to finish, she transports us to another world, for sure."

Jonathan came to music from a different scene: although a life-long musician, he's been academician working in evolutionary biology, climatology, human genetics, Internet development and biostatistics, where he nurtured his attention for detail and a passion for invention.

Together, they make organic, lush, rich, and innovative music defying genres and expectations.

Eclectic and unexpected compositions from dreamy textured, Alt Pop to Trip Hop to Folk.

Two Loons for Tea's 3rd CD, "Nine Lucid Dreams" was released in August 2007 on Sarathan Records and is distributed by Fontana/ Universal and digitally IODA.

The single "Monkey" hit #20 on the national AAA charts and continues to be a regular feature on XM Starbucks Cafe, XMU, NPR's "All Things Considered", along with hundreds of Podcasts and Internet radio stations. XM has also featured Two Loons in a live in studio session.

Two Loons continues to win multiple awards on including, for Alternative Pop, Best Female Vocals, Best Guitars, Best Keyboards, Best Production, Best Lyrics, Best Melody, Best Mood, Most Original, Feel Good Track, and Best Female Vocals overall.

Look for Two Loons touring throughout the US and Europe in 2008.



Live and studio guest musicians have included:

Bass: Paul Bushnell, Brad Houser, Masa Kobayashi, Jonathan Kochmer, William Hanford Lee, Dean Schmidt, Sebastian Steinberg, Shahzad Ismaily, Hans York, William Kopecky
Drums & Percussion: Tom Armstrong, Matt Chamberlain, Mike Dillon, Dale Fanning, David Goodstein, Pat Mastelotto, Bryan MacLeod, Chris Stromquist, John Wicks , Craig Walkner
Guitar: Bill Horist, Jonathan Kochmer
Keyboards: Tom Biller, Marc Cardenas, Dan Hastle, Jonathan Kochmer, Dave Palmer, Patrick Warren
Mixing: Mell Dettmer, Kevin Killen, Eric Rosse, Thomas Biller
Production: Tom Biller, Mell Dettmer, Jonathan Kochmer Brian Lapin, R. Chris Murphy, Eric Rosse
Saxophone: Amy Denio, Skerik, Hans Teuber
Strings: Christine Gunn, Eyvind Kang, Cameron Stone
Vibes: Mike Dillon, Ben Thomas, Tacket Brown
Warr Guitar: Trey Gunn, Marty Ponte