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my music would be prepared with emotions we go through pain happeiness, sad,clubbing fun getting money up's and downs of life the streets shady family members crooked cops shady politicians, poverty the rich i coverd everything talk about


my influiences is pretty much america's shady history sept911 organized crime controversy real life events, believe it or not musicly what motivtes me to write is alot of old school stuff, like the isley bro, franky beverly & maze, & im a street rapper, go figure thats what saperate me from the rest even though im a street dude im not status qoute! imfrom chitown west side projects born an raised, yeah i survived that life long dilema you will get all wht im telling u in my music i help coproduce several of my songs im hands on about my sound & how i come across.... iv'e been told i have a very distinctive qaulity sound to my voice an my delivery.... lets just say you would be able to tell it's me on a song u want orginallity im ya man espcially in this industry where everybody sound like everybody not me- im -me


aint no luv

Written By: twone-G

I caught a case 2-thoasand-o-o-6/sameshit orange suits an plus they feed ya bullshit/caught us off gaurd didn't know this shit was gonna happen/ looked in the mirror from the back the lights was flashing/ don't even trip we straight bitch ya gottcha license/ you gottcha insurance/ and plus our seatbelts is fastend/this one mafucka been calling the phone allday/ told him we be there in an hour sit tight homie we on our way/my bitch say she delt with dude on several occassions/ he wanted an ounce we weight it uplet's get this papper/ bad checks and credit cards you know im about my cabbage/weed soft oxicotten nigga i gott it/ whats up with these informant niggas thats turning snicthing/ as soon as they back against the wall ya ship is sinking/ stool pigen niggas don't deserve the chance to breath/ they make it harder an harder for hustlers you an me/dont talk to police/we relie on the streets/ an if u got beef then we take it to the streets/85%percent niggas is snitching is ma-mas boys straight decoys can't even holla at me boy it aint no luv

in da kitchen

Written By: twone-G

the game is over /tented windows in rovers/im in the kitchen/pot is mixing/ to october-to tober/meaning that aint no wishing im gone cop it/how you think im rolling dubbs an surounded by women/now cacth me at the mall/shopping sprees know that we ball/ homie i don't want yo c-d cuz you pissing me off/my money grown/it's my own/ it's 850ty a zone /35 8th of k/chop it up ya get it/ ah 125grams cook it back and ya get it / fresh fit fresh shoes matching hat to go with it/wet jewls/ if it's new/ if don't i dont't got it i get/slick moves revenues counting a hunid ah minute/ im in the kitchen


i realeased a compalation called it's not a game sold roughly over ten thoasand units in the midwest in 99 & 2000 i had two songs in ratation in two different radio stations b96 &kmoj88.9 i have traxx currently on my, also on tag world & on beta ill be finished up with my c-d in mid july

Set List

when i do a set it usaully be 10 to 15teen minutes & that's three to 4 songs just a lilbit over3to 4 minutes i don't do covers my m-o is professional