twonote is an electropop/dance duo straight from the suburbs of Toronto. Influenced by 3OH!3 and club music, their energetic and catchy sound is sure to sweep listeners off their feet. Literally.


Surprisingly, the idea of twonote has existed for much longer than the band has. Exciting, energetic and loud are precisely the qualities that describe band members Alan Notkin and Mark Emmanuel, now known as the electropop duo from Toronto. All it took was one coincidental meet on a late Friday night, a talk about music and story sharing over some coffee, and of course.. complete hatred towards each other. A hatred which then continued for months and months to come. Fate, on the other hand, had completely different plans for their future. Due to mysterious and and still unknown circumstances, the two decided to meet again and collaborate musically. That's where loud electronic sounds and catchy vocal melodies came together to form an onslaught of energetic and foot stomping ideas. And that's where magic happened.

Who would have thought?


twonote - I Wanna (IMP14 Seneca CD)