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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Rock Blues




"TwoPeaceExtraSpicy’s Sophia"

One of the newest acts on the local stage might include some of its youngest members and with their band name that offers a pun to sum up their intent. TwoPeaceExtraSpicy are a rock/blues duo featuring eighteen–year–old James Guarascia on guitar and fifteen–year–old brother Ryan Guarascia on drums. Forming the band during their time at Sherwood High School, they had their first gig before they officially had a name but since June 2012, TwoPeaceExtraSpicy have been turning heads. Rather than catching onto what’s hip in music videos or the local new rock radio station, the band seems more in tune with music from a different era and this weekend, they offer their own debut CDEP of zesty rock dubbed Sophia.

“We don’t really have friends at school who are in bands or are really into our type of music however, since being a part of the music scene we have become friends with a lot of kids our age who are doing the same thing,” offers James Guarascia. “We believe that we are a part of a growing young scene, we think more young kids want to hear something they can relate to from kids their age.

“White Stripes and Black Keys definitely are huge influences for us but my love for this type of music goes further back to bands like Flat Duo Jets and Howlin’ Wolf who I am even more influenced by,” adds Guarascia. “The attraction for us is the raw unfiltered element of a two–piece band. We love the challenge of making a full sound with only two instruments and a voice. We both share the same passion for this music, which allows us to put our all into it and produce what we think it should be. While the more popular bands like Nickelback and Arcade Fire are good and they appeal to a lot of people, they don’t appeal to us. We like to put us out there, who we are as people regardless of who might be popular. We play with emotion – this is who we are, this is what we produce and hope that people will connect with it.”

Their debut recording offers enough grit and growl, with the two teens channelling the blues of a few generations ago but with a modern flair kids should definitely find palatable. Growing up as fans of Arkells, Young Rival and perhaps more recently of kindred spirits Beard, TPES wanted to capture properly the rawness of their music with the right kind of production.

“We tried the route of recording ourselves and using our own computer, in our own basement and didn’t produce the sound we wanted,” recalls Guarascia. “We met with Steve [Bigas] and [Roman] Marcone and from the minute we walked into Porcelain Records [recording studio] there was a vibe and it just felt right we knew that was the right place for the band. Porcelain Records was the perfect match — vintage gear, no frills, just plug in and go. They were exactly what we were looking for. We wanted raw and unfiltered and Porcelain Records gave us that. With our young age and inexperience, it wasn’t just a studio to record in Steve and Marcone offered advice and guidance that the band needed.”

With their new recording in hand, the band is at the top of the bill for their CD release — less than a year after their first gig — but however quickly their rise in the scene, TwoPeaceExtraSpicy seem prepared to take on even more.

“We have no plans of stopping anytime soon we will always be who we are and make the music we want regardless of where it takes us,” says Guarascia. “There will always be fear and anxiety just before and when we step out on stage, but once we hit the first few notes we remember why we are there and it all disappears and it’s like we are in our basement, in our zone and just do our thing — loud, raw, sweaty and giving it all we got. Being at the top of the bill is what everyone wants right? This is our chance to prove ourselves and that’s what we plan to do.”

TwoPeaceExtraSpicy play this Sunday February 24 at the Casbah with Rex Mundus, Jonny Debt and Cooper Black. Doors open at 8pm and $10 gets you in.

- by Ric Taylor

"TwoPeaceExtraSpicy first radio interview"

TwoPeaceExtraSpicy did a charity event on September 20th 2012 for a family who lost everything in a house fire. CHML broadcasted live from the event and interviewed us after the show. - CHML


Still working on that hot first release.



From humble roots in Hamilton Ontario, brothers, James and Ryan Guarascia, dodge stereotypes like the Queen backstage at a Slipknot gig. Not only does their larger-than-life music defy their youth, but their stage shows rock with an air of legendary potential you cant help but feel something great is about to happen.
Ryan and James make rock music, plain and simple. Influenced by genius, youd not be surprised to learn their influences are Dave Grohl, Jack White, The Black Keys and Hamiltons own Arkells, Young Rival and Monster Truck. Their music is current and relevant, although infused with an authentic Blues flavour. Written and performed with passion, their jams are infectious.
Although together just a couple years, their list of achievements is impressive by any standard. Regulars at The Casbah in Hamilton, theyve also rocked venues The Baltimore House, Club Absinthe, The Underground and multiple charity events. Theyve had the pleasure to share the stage with Library Voices, Head of the Herd, Handsome Distraction, Say Yes and The Forgotten Rebels.
TwoPeaceExtraSpicy were included in The Rising Star Competition at the 2012 Hamilton Music Awards. The following February saw the release of their first EP, Sophia. Recorded at Porcelain Records in Hamilton by Grammy Award winner, Steve Bigas and Marcone, the album has enjoyed regular airplay in the rotations of multiple internet radio stations such as Rockers Dive, Gashouse Radio, Euphonious Radio and four other stations on the 365 Network.
If you have the chance to see TwoPeace live, dont pass up the opportunity. They never disappoint their crowds and are guaranteed to be another historic Hamilton act youll brag about how you saw them jam before they hit the big-time.

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