TwoRivers Band

TwoRivers Band


Original, Acoustic, Americana


After many years as a drummer with Dick Clark Prod, Eric Tworivers took time to raise a family and pursue other interests.
He has a renewed interest in writing songs, and, while a few of his tunes have been recorded by other artists in years past, his focus is on recording and performing with TwoRivers Music.
Eric plays and recommends Timbercreek Guitars, Ultrasound Amplifiers and Roland Products.
Actress, singer/songwriter Deanna Ramage has spent most of her life on stage or in front of/behind a camera.
Deanna has extensive experience training young actors, choirs & musical theatre groups with private music students from 4 yrs-80+. Deanna Ramage plays and recommends Pearl Flutes &Yamaha Pianos & Keyboards.
With a mystery guest guitarist and drummer if needed.


You can hear TwoRivers Music at

Set List

We can play 2+ hours of all original music.