Two Scoops Combo

Two Scoops Combo

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Boogie Piano Man Eric "Two Scoops" Moore writes & sings of joy, pathos, hunger & overconsumption, in the Blues tradition of devilish double entendre. Mix baritone vocals, honkin' sax, groovin' bass, Big Easy rhythm & you have the recipe for BIG FUN!

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“Sit back and get ready to be thoroughly entertained by the one and only Eric”Two Scoops”Moore!!”
- Duke Robillard, TWO SCOOPS RECORDS Guitarist/Producer
“He plays from his heart. I love him like a brother”
- Luther“Guitar Jr”Johnson, TWO SCOOPS’ Big Boss Man 1/91-11/96
Big Buffet “On a scale of 1 to 10, this CD is an eleven!!” -Duke Robillard
#1 Seller at NWBLUES.COM
11 years of frequent airplay on both coasts!
The Most Requested Song of All Time on Blues After Hours, WGBH, Boston
Clean Plate “Moore has great boogie & blues chops. Solid collection for blues fans with inspired
original tunes, singing and band work all the way through.” -Victory Review
Hungry! “Everything Moore touches seems to work.”-Blues Revue
Music Café “Something for nearly every taste” - Blues Revue
“All 15 cuts are fun, humorous & seductively danceable. Play it loud - Clancy Dunigan, KSER, BluesToDo Monthly

BIG BUFFET Combo Platter - 21 select cuts from SIX RECORDS 1993-2006
- Saucy Songs about food, life, love
- Hot Sax by “Sax” Gordon Beadle

"HUNGRY!" Eric “Two Scoops” Moore.
Piano man, singer, songwriter and entertainer extraordinaire, Eric "Two Scoops"
Moore and his combo of stellar musicians (known as Two Scoops Combo) has
once again delivered a full plate of fun and exciting original music on their
latest release, simply titled "Hungry". In 1996 there was "Big Buffet", in 1998
there was "Clean Plate" and now this man is "Hungry!"( there may be a food
issue going on here) With a history of hilarious lyrics and some incredibly
fun and exciting grooves, this latest master piece by "Scoops" ( as his band
mates call him) will have you dancing and laughing at the same time. Scoops
has toured on 3 different continents including 6 years with Luther "Guitar
Jr." Johnson. His vast performance experience and sense of humor are
certainly evident on this recording. International experience aside, Scoops
sings about everyday woes, concerns, desires and of course food and drink.
He'll sing about being "No good for nothing", wanting "Time to come home" off
of the road, his experience in "Auto service hell", relationships, debt and
many other everyday life experiences. What makes this recording unique is the
way Eric "Two Scoops" Moore delivers the lyrics with his strong vocal
stylings and the way this truly great band makes the music come alive.
Showcased are the superior piano skills of Scoops, the awesome Saxophone
stylings and Harmonica playing of Jim King and special guest (internationally
famous) Sax Gordon, very tasteful drumming by Cutts Peaslee and Jim
Plano, Great bass playing by Guy Quintino and Bill Freckleton and even a few
songs with renowned NW Guitarist Dave Conant. Throw in 3 great instrumentals
and what we have here is a world class CD that is a must have recording for
anyone with an appreciation for good fun music. If you haven't seen this
group perform live yet, you must go see their very entertaining show and
pick up this truly unique piece of work called "Hungry!". You can also get this
CD at their website, Trust me on this one folks, you
want this CD in your collection!