Two Story DoubleWide

Two Story DoubleWide


As individuals and a Band it is truely the music we enjoy.The gallons of blood,sweat,and tears are all worth it when others enjoy it with us..


In the beginning, in the swamps of Florida sometime in the early 21st century, Two Story DoubleWide was all about playing for friends and free beer. Fortunately, their modest aspirations were quickly thwarted by the growing realization that they had something really special on their hands. Even in his earliest songs, Edrington had an uncanny ability to fuse seriously deep subject matter with catchy-as-hell melodies and compelling song structures. Banjo picker Drifter, Bassist Cheese, Percussionist Scotty P and drummer Mike Nasti are a rock-solid, rhythm section and guitarist Andrew Rockwell can pretty much do as he pleases on his instrument, with a whiskey soaked slide that would make even Mr Bush cry,followed by the crowd blazing solos with the David lee splits.It's all done with humor, of course, which is what differentiates these guys from a lot of other bands. Not that they don't take what they do seriously, it's just that they know that when people come out to see a band, they also want to have fun, to be released, to get rocked. Two Story DoubleWide has explored and terrorized most every street, alley and cul-de-sac: Country, Punk, Pop, Soul, Metal. Those styles and influences have always been there, but over time they've become increasingly integrated into the fabric of the band. Two Story DoubleWide's tireless and professional work ethic ensures that audiences and listeners are guaranteed a white-knuckled, soul-searing roller coaster ride through a sonic and emotional landscape full of beauty, mayhem and ultimately, transcendence.


Loudmouth Soup

Set List

A typical set would be 11 or 12songs lasting approx 45 minutes.The band plays their origional music and have approx 32 songs to mix and match. 1. Flirting with the Devil
2. She Wanted More
3. White Trash
4. Burn
5. The Hurt
6. Doin Time
7. Brokedown Town
8. Big Blue Eyes
9. Chugga Chugga
10. Mohawk
11. Lesbian
12. Penny Layne