Two Tales

Two Tales

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Two Tales blends just the right amount of pure rock and roll with the sexy sounds of contemporary pop to create songs with real substance - a dream-like, poppy sound that is pleasing and natural to the ear.


Two Tales . . .

“Wearin’ Me Down is a radio hit waiting to happen.”
- Al Muzer, The Aquarian

“Two Tales demonstrates the true power of simplicity with their debut self-titled release.” - Heddy Sams
JANE Magazine

“From the initial chord progression, I was totally hooked. A song like [Black Two Blue] could dominate the college radio market.”

Two Tales is a modern rock / contemporary pop, adult alternative band.

Band influences include (but not limited to): Beck, Radiohead, Coldplay, U2, REM, and Travis.

All songs written and produced by Matt Pugliese and Two Tales.

All songs co-produced and engineered by Wes Paich at Rancho Relaxo Studios, Cliffwood Beach, NJ.

Two Tales regularly plays venues in the NY / NJ metro area.


Black Two Blue

Written By: Matt Pugliese

fallin' slow like honey
Drippin' from your hair
but oh the money
it won't save your despair
and will you shutter
or can we compromise
it pains me to discover
there's waitin' in your eyes

am I comin' to
and will we make it through
the words are comin' true
changin' black to blue

and if you see my body
float across the sea
then fall to the bottom
will that set you free
or will your suffer
can you come along
and will you bring another
to help you feel at home

am i comin' to
and will we make it through
the words are comin' true
changin' black to blue


Two Tales five song, self-titled, debut EP is due to be released in June 2004.

Set List

- Two Tales typical set consists of 8-10 songs
- At the moment the set list is 100% original