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"Out of The Woods CD Review"

Reviews for Out Of The Woods

"Two Tall Women's Out of the Woods is a haunting and lovely collection of acoustic, mostly Celtic music.....The songs allow the women to show off their close harmonies to their best advantage...."The River Runs Wild" truly memorable....Almost all (songs) are sung in the same lilting harmonies, but just as one can't step in the same river twice, the songs hardly sound identical. "
written by Donna Scanlon
published 26 April 2003
- Rambles

"Cleckheaton Folk Festival Review"

Cleckheaton Folk Festival Review
July 2003

“It was great to have Two Tall Women at our event. Pam and Beth added to the magic that is Cleckheaton Folk Festival with their lyrical originals and unique treatments of traditional songs”

Geoff Pickles
Festival Organiser

- Geoff Pickles Festival Organiser

"Two Tall Women - Out of the Woods"

Two Tall Women - Out of the Woods

The recording reflects not only the influences Southwell experienced during her foray into the folk scene in Yorkshire (the inclusion of the Swarbrick/Thompson cover) but their own interpretations and influences which make the tracks their own. As well as the duet vocals featured they are accompanied by their own multitude of skills on the guitar, accordian, sax, whistles, djembe.....Indeed on "The River Runs Wild" you can almost feel the essence of the elements referred to in the words. However what really holds the CD together is the duets vocal skills, whether acapella on "Sorrows Away" & "Blackwater Side" or when accompanied by instruments, the singers tackle each song with the individual care they deserve....
The duo are visiting the UK for the first time (as a duo) during July (2003), someone save me a seat at the bar, this is one I'm looking forward too!


"Celtic Ways Review by John Willmott"

Celtic Ways Review -John Willmott
Two Tall Women are Pam Southwell and her daughter Beth. Here's more great music from near Vancouver!

Pam and Beth perform a range of Scottish, English and Irish songs almost like Celtic Judds plus the music is enhanced with some great guest musicians. Pam is also enthusiastically putting together her indie label, RPW records to handle various recordings by herself, her daughter and friends. Pam also records children's music and stories that she markets to educators. Beth is also part of a duo, Revealing Grace doing very
melodic soft rock music - including some cool accordion playing.

This is currently the most popular track and cannot help but make Eliza Carthy comparisons. First listen was a surprise as they certainly
give this song a new treatment. Its a very sad song, but give this a few listens. It will really grow on you and shows how these ladies are so great singing together.

"Sorrows Away"
Upbeat English bar song sung unaccompanied. Sorry can never get used to the term "acapella". This is genuine "hand behind the ear" and belt it out English folk singing that is rare on Must remember to get this onto the Plough Monday station.

"The River Runs Wild"
I'm surprised this is not the soar-away hit. Its a gentle uplifting and highly melodic song with nice instrumentation. There is an appalachian folk
song sound with this. Something that I can imagine Canada's Barra McNeals and The Rankins doing to.

"Ned On The Hill"
Another one I was not sure of first listen, but it really grows on you. Its not an easy ballad to do and make interesting - but these girls have done
a great job with piano and small pipes backing.

"Un Canadien Errant"
French Canadian folk song presented with great style. Should be a huge hit with French Canadians.

"P. Stands For Paddy"
Another tricky song, and one I used to enjoy performing. You can really play around with the timing on this and make it swing. Pam and Beth
certainly have their own interpretation and I'm sure you will like it - and join in.

"Blackwater Side"
Pam takes the mic and goes solo with this ballad. Brave move - but she carries it incredibly well, and in tune.

"Woman Washing By The River"
Something very different. Very smooth. Gentle vocals, subtle synth programming. Very dreamy track. Intriguing story too. Very, very original.
My own favorite.

"The Straight River"
More Celtic-synth fusion with some fiddle and back to the Eliza sound. This is a perfect radio track. Very nice sound all round.
Another potential big hit with fans of many genres. The girls wrote this. Very good writing! Maybe this is my favorite.

Its tough to single out a single track from this wonderful set of music
- but do give it a few listens to let it grow on you, because this is
what this music does.

all of this wonderful and soon to be popular music
by John Willmott
- Celtic Ways

"CD Review for Two Tall Women"

The Canadian duo Two Tall Women recorded on their latest cd Out of the Woods 10 nice and intimate songs. Besides traditionals they sing the famous Richard Thompson song Crazy man Michael in quite a nice way. Flutes, percussion and occasionally some small pipes and violin. I like this cd because it has such a pure and unforced atmosphere.Played with passion and pleasure, this is your cd.
Eelco Schilder: Folk World - Folk World


Two Tall Women- 'Out of the Woods'
Two Tall Women- 'Stripped Down'



With 10 years under their belt performing together as a duo, Two Tall Women are a polished unit.
Always pushing themsleves with new instrumentation, arrangements and songwriting.
The unique variety of instruments and powerful harmonies set Two Tall Women apart.
Influenced by many musical styles, their sound is of a folky, rootsy, celticy nature.
Two Tall Women have toured England and Scotland, they performed at Festivals and Folk Clubs all over the U.K. Two Tall Women have toured the Gulf Islands of British Columbia and have distribution in the U.K.

Pam Southwell:
Pam Southwell starting singing in Folk Clubs in England after moving there at the age of 18. She has been performing ever since; solo, in various bands and as a children's performer ( singer and storyteller). Pam has written a musical, recorded 4 childrens CDs and is now currently exploring the exciting world of painting-where the creative ideas are pouring in. Pam plays the guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and Low D whistle and is also a songwriter.

Beth Southwell:
Beth Southwell is a singer songwriter, traveller of the world and the organiser of several music nights around the city of Vancouver B.C.. Beth has been singing and performing for about 15 years. Beth plays the guitar, accordian, pennywhistle, djembe and the Tenor Saxophone. Several of Beths songs were inspired and written during her extensive travels. Santorini was written about being on what was later discovered to be the wrong side of a Greek island where there was very little to do. It expresses the mixed emotions of being in paradise while dealing with feelings of boredom and loneliness. Taipei was written when Beth taught English over in Taiwan. The song speaks of the differences that exist in everyday life for both cultures. A lot to get used to... finding my way in Taipei'.

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