Two Tears

Two Tears


garage rock and B52's, Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Kerry played in the Red Aunts, an all girl punk outfit from Los Angeles on Epitaph Records. After the end of the Red Aunts, Kerry moved back to New York and then eventually found her way to Dubai. In this time, she wrote her own tunes and recorded two records. She played all over the US and Europe as a full band as a one lady band under the name Two Tears.

When she was signed up to support the Donnas on a month long European tour, she posted a bulletin announcing her need for a drummer. Having known Kerry for a few years (from her days in Beehive and the Barracudas), Nikhil heard about this and got in touch to be this drummer. They reunited at the Blackhorse Tube stop in London and proceeded to rock all over Europe (with the help of our friend Dino on bass)

Kerry is back in New York City and Nikhil is in Washington D.C. Two Tears are playing shows monthly in New York City and are in the process of putting together some tour dates. They are sometimes accompanied by Debi Martini (also from Red Aunts) and Jonathan Kreinik. Iinfluences range from Country Teasers, Beehive and the Barracudas, Holly Golightly, Madonna, the Gories, Cheater Slicks, B-52's, flying "the Flag" (noir), one note leads/solos, Neil Young, and others.


Enjoy Yourself - Bent Rail Foundation Record
Little Tea - Simple Social Graces Records
Eat People 7" - Big Legal Mess Records
I'm so outta it 7" - Windian Records

Set List

a typical set is 30 minutes