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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""Undeservedly Obscure""

“The funhouse hasn’t been this much fun in years.” - The New York Times

"Best Album of the Month"

“Leering, provacative, smart, brazen as hell with a calliope twinkle.”
9 stars out of 10 - Vice

""...perfectly suited to the films of Tim Burton""

“Sharing a childlike fascination with dead things and arcane lore,Two Ton Boa sound perfectly suited to the films of Tim Burton...Sherry Fraser combines a love for discarded antique gadgets, an admiration of the grotesque and a celebratory joy within moments of ominous doom...joining the rock dark side, Fraser has imbued in this five-song mini-album a mastery of musical composition, sophisticated instrumentation and a sense of pure beauty and innocence....hints of junkyard cabaret, Led Zepplin heft, and Concrete Blond singer Johnette Napolitano’s exuberant wailing....Every bit of her enthusiastic gloom offers a glazed timelessness.”
4 out of 5 stars - Alternative Press

"Billboard Magazine’s review of “Comin’ Up from Behind”"

"This is a sinister rock pop song...perfectly suited for use on the soundtrack to “Cruel Intentions”. The lyric tells the story of a dangerous, slithery personality - “She’s got the truth and her tongue for a slingshot”- and the vocal melody slides from one note to another like a snake, completing the image. Drawing from the swing craze, a bouncy high hat traipses along over this track’s rumbling bassline and distorted organ and guitar, tempering its straight rock tendencies with a bit of kitsch. This song’s hook sticks like glue, and it should soon be scaling the charts in the tradition of other recent soundtrack hits." - Billboard


"...Fraser approaches the summit of peaks previously scaled only by the incomparable PJ Harvey." - The Pitch

"" EP worth the price of ten average full-length CD's...""

"Sherry Fraser’s singular style of delivery is equal parts sensuality, bravado, and strength; she slurs and cajoles her luscious vowels and consonants amidst a bludeoning, double-bass carnival of sound. This, my friends, is what you always hoped punk rock would grow up to be." - Signum

""Charmingly aggressive...""

“Charmingly aggressive...Loads of 1920’s decadent parlor/cabaret bluster and metallic stylized ugliness...tough and reality based. Brilliantly unexpected music, filled with unlikely beauties.” - Mole Magazine

"SXSW 2005: Live Review"

"Sherry Fraser's Two Ton Boa was in fine form; the dual basses and carnival-like piano sounded great and Fraser proved that she really does have some incredible pipes. The distorted nursery rhyme-like tracks had a touch of graveyard goth genius, casting an eerie shroud over the audience...Hands down, Two Ton Boa was the best of the evening's events." - Splendid

"The Stranger"

“Two Ton Boa appeal to the part of me that believes in ghosts. Singer/bassist Sherry Fraser has been blessed with an amazing voice that can be eerie, sweet, defiant, angry, or funny...This album is an anomaly - I can play it over and over and over and never get sick of it. ****" - The Stranger, Seattle


Serenade for the Crow that Fell - Nov. 2004 - Vinyl 7” – KRS
Fields and Streams - ”Porcelain Throne” - May 2002 - Comp CD – KRS
Turbo’s Tunes - ”Bleeding Heart” - Jan.2001 - Comp CD – KRS
Two Ton Boa - May 2000 - S/T Debut EP - Kill Rock Stars (KRS)

Cruel Intentions Soundtrack - ”Comin’ Up From Behind” - March 1999 - Featured Soundtrack Single - Virgin/Atlantic


Feeling a bit camera shy


Two Ton Boa is back! After releasing a critically acclaimed self-titled EP and touring the country with acts like L7 and Blonde Redhead, bassist and classically trained vocalist Sherry Fraser took a break to recuperate. Now she is back with “Serenade for the Crow that Fell”, an alternately moody and driving 7” that recalls the power of her earlier work and hints tantalizingly at things to come. This freshly recorded 7” showcases her new sound on the title track: at the same time delicate and muscular, while the B side - “Your Favorite Bloody Patient”, is an ironic yet frightening comment on body image in America in the form of a straightforward rock song.