Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Two Zebras is a one boy indie rock band by Daniel McGuire. After releasing 'The Anecdotes EP', TZ spent a year touring the UK + Canada. In this time, said boy played lots of fun shows, drank many beers, and grew a massive moustache. Based in Glasgow, 2011 will see a new record + extensive touring.


Two Zebras is a one boy indie rock project by Daniel McGuire.

After self releasing "The Anecdotes EP" in the fall of 2009, TZ spent a year playing shows throughout the UK and Canada. In this time, said boy made some radical friends, consumed about 5040 beers, kissed some pretty girls, discovered so many amazing bands, watched a riot, listened to a lot of Jay Z, broke into a swimming pool, re learned to ride a bike, got some nice radio play, took a road trip to NYC, watched one Woody Allen film, grew a massive moustache, offended many, and played some really fun shows. For two weeks, TZ locked up in a friends studio in Toronto and made a record detailing this wild ride. The first release will be the double A side single Dreams / Desperately Seeking Something.



2011 - 'Dreams / Desperately Seeking Something'
2009 - 'The Anecdotes EP'
2009 - 'In Winter'

Set List

Daniel McGuire plays an energetic solo show which uses guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, singing and some stories. Two Zebras is an incredibly easy and professional project to have on a bill.