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If Winning is FREE, then why LOSE...(Think about it, Man)



Tyrone Smack, aka "TWyse", born and raised in the heart of blighted and crime-ridden West Philadelphia could have easily been blinded from dreaming the dreams, living the life and experiencing the successes and fulfillment that so many others have been afforded. With an undying determination to become more than what his immediate surroundings offered him, he consciously pressed through adversity to become that which God had ordained him to be long before the foundations of the world were ever laid.

Navigating through an environment typified by drugs, poverty and peer pressure, TWyse managed to maintain a certain demeanor about himself in spite of his adversities. Although, being in a situation far less than ideal for any child, TWyse refused to become what he hated. His dreams looked beyond his current situation and served to catapult him toward his destiny.

Although unaware at the time, TWyse being directed by God’s Spirit, became involved with a local Bible-believing fellowship where he would soon meet that special someone greater than his problems and circumstances – the man Christ Jesus. Hiding himself behind his faith and the cross of Calvary, Christ led TWyse on a journey to discover his true and ordained purpose in life. Through fellowship and discipleship, his personal relationship with God grew. By the age of 15, TWyse was rapping about the goodness of a God that had otherwise been foreign to his upbringing and situation. His dreams were more and more becoming reality…and ministry as a way of life was clearly a part of that reality.

His love for God, His word and hip-hop music served to develop in TWyse a ministry like none other. Though there are many “gospel rap artists” today, the hybrid that is TWyse has yet to be duplicated or even closely rivaled. Being approached with various opportunities to go “secular”, he has committed himself to remain true to his first love – God’s music and God’s people. Resulting from this commitment and God’s perfect timing, TWyse now enjoys a ministry to many: being a household name throughout Philadelphia and the greater tri-state area. Whether it is in the traditional Christian community or the environments where Christ is often sought but seldom brought, TWyse has purposed himself to serve others through the venue of music and the gift of exhortation.

His encouraging, truth-laced lyrics wrapped around the musical compositions of Eric “Booty” Greene, Jr. and Irvin “Smirv” Washington, produce an electrifying and encapsulating listening experience for this generation. The music engulfs you rhythmically while the lyrics captivate your mental and emotional capacity to grasp more of God’s truth. His burden for the lost and hurting is not only heard but also experienced through his music. The life of TWyse can serve as a living epistle of the scripture which encourages believers to “be not weary in well doing, for in due season, you shall reap if you faint not”. God is not slack when it concerns His promises and if He can “do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ever ask or even think”, then He has conceivably done just that in the life of TWyse…a dreamer who dared to dream.



Written By: TWyse

(Author: Tyrone K. Smack, Producer: Eric “Booty” Greene)

I’m changed, I’m blessed, No I’m not the same
You got to ask God why
I don’t have nothin’ to do ‘wit that

Verse 1:

First he had to change my mindset/ ‘Cause that’s where it starts at/ Then he dealt ‘wit my
heart next/ The confession was made/ My directions was changed/ You know from down to up/ My walk my talk/ My complexion was changed/ You look at me now/ And I glow in the dark/ You see/ Me to this world is like a match in a cave/ I light it up, but/ You know I don’t do much/ I just do it when I’m lifting him up/ so he can drawn men to him/ like he like sketching himself/ He’s the reason that I’m blessed/ He’s the reason that I’m changed/ Matter of fact/ he’s the reason I’m saved/ See I’m changed.
Verse two/ Comin’ wit’ this street gospel/ TWYSE/ see I’m the type to rap in I.C.U/ Just to make sure when I die I see you/ at that party in the sky/ B.Y.O.P you bring your own praisin’/ B.Y.O.S you bring your own shade/ ‘Cause we gonna be wit’ the son/ Oooops!/ I mean beholding the son/ When we all take flight/ Listen, I don’t believe I can fly/ I believe I’m going to/ Do what a whole lotta church folk won’t do/ One more ‘gin/ I don’t believe I can fly/ I believe I’m going to/ Do what a lotta church folk won’t do/ ‘cause I’m changed


Verse 3:

Listen man/ I’m changed like coins and sheets get/ I used o rock wolves clothes/ Look at me now/ I rock sheep skin/ Do you see how I’m speakin’/ do you see where I’m standin’/ I’m blessed too/ I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout material stuff/ I’m talkin’ ‘bout the serious stuff/ like breathin’, eatin’, seeing a day that I never ever seen before/ I’m from the streets, come on/ You should be glad that I’m changed too/ ‘Cause if not I probably be waitin’ to snatch your check/ If you try to retaliate/ I’d probably grab your neck/ Like a thumb and a middle finger/ I’d try to snap your neck/ This is the way the streets taught me to eat/ I was the youngest where I’m from/ Next to me was Tyreek and Rahfeek/ I came from a crack home/ Where crack roamed like a cell ‘wit feet/ just ‘cause the pot was boiling/ Don’t mean it was food to eat/ Man, I’m changed/ Man, I’m blessed/ Man I’m glad I’m not deranged/ Man I’m glad I don’t got AIDS/ ‘Cause I shoulda had it/ Plus I shoulda been dead in my grave/ But I ain’t



Who Is Twyse? The Album - 2005