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Ty Barnett

Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States
Band Comedy


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The best kept secret in music


"The Last Word on Last Comic Standing"

TVGuide.com: At the beginning of your very last set, you said, "I don't know how this night is going to turn out... but I'll be happy to wish Josh congratulations." Were you that sure he was going to win?
Ty Barnett: There were unborn children who knew that Josh was going to win.

TVGuide.com: Well I must be dumber than an embryo because I really thought you'd snag the crown. I always saw you as the contest's dark horse.
Ty: [Laughs] That's a racist statement, by the way.

TVGuide.com: OK, so when did you first realize that Josh would be the victor?
Ty: I knew when he made it into the house. How can people not vote for the guy who is funny and has cerebral palsy? The only person who could have beaten him was Stephen Hawking — and even that would have been close.

TVGuide.com: All that said, you must have been a little bummed when you lost.
Ty: Honestly, I never had any intention of winning. I just wanted to leave my mark on comedy. I wanted people to watch me and say, "That Ty Barnett dude is hilarious." When I woke up the day after the finale, I thought, "Man, it would have been cool to win." But then I went down my checklist: Did I have fun? Yes. Did my act improve? Yes. Did I leave people with a lasting impression? Absolutely. I still have people e-mailing me about jokes that I did a month ago.

TVGuide.com: So what's your next move?
Ty: Now everything falls on my agent and manager. I got on the phone with them after the show and said, "I've given you guys tons of TV exposure, I look good on camera, I take care of myself.... Do not f--k this up."

TVGuide.com: Are they racist?
Ty: Maybe, but the biggest color they're worried about is green.

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'Bout Damn Time'

*Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC Guest/Comedian

*Last Comic Standing NBC Comedian
Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson

The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno

*Comedy Central Presents: Ty Barnett



Ty was always told he was funny, but was too worried about failure or being embarrassed to do any type of performing in public. He did not start performing until after the passing of his best friend, which made him realize he had not done anything with his life he wanted to do. After playing a number of open mics, he started to get more comfortable with performing. But it wasnt until one performance where he was BOO-ED off stage that he knew he wanted to be a professional comedian. After driving all over the Northwest to find any stage to showcase, he quickly became a favorite of the up-and-coming comics; going from open-mic to paid performer within 1 year.

Known for his slyness, he has gained a reputation for putting a humorous spin on taboo topics (racism, politics, addiction, state of the country). Ty Barnett is a hilarious comedian with a lot of edge. Hes a refreshing performer that makes his audiences think. Ty not only makes people laugh but he delivers a message while doing so. When Ty started touring Californa, Oregon, and Canada, he began to build a loyal fan base. He was branded as "someone to watch" and "a tremendous performer. Ty exemplifies the true voice of the generation and the classic art of performing.

Ty Barnett made his first appearance on Star Search. In 2002 he was awarded Up and Coming Comedian of the Year, at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has been noted as an outstanding performer. In Hollywood he was first recognized for his performance at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. In 2006, he appeared on the NBC reality show Last Comic Standing resulting in a second place status in the contest.

Today, Ty Barnett is one of the most requested comedians at colleges across the country. He is a rising star that is continuously being recognized for his messages and comedic nature all over the world.