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it can be underground or mainstream deep or shallow it's strieght hip-hop not the "im too cool check me out" not the "emo pot-head feel my pain" not the "antique TRUE shcool boom bap attack " just how i think the music should be no particular sound im more focused on lyrics


Hello world my alias is .....TyCity I AM..an emcee not a rapper ..i can actually rock a LIVE performance! I AM..NOT underground or mainstream I PLAN TO..bring the same respect to Dallas that New York,Chicago,and Atlanta have for lyricist I HATE..the misconception that you have to be a thug,gangster,goon to make it in the hip-hop industry I HATE ..that people think you HAVE to have materialistic objects to be rich I REPRESENT..doing you and not whats cool I REPRESENT..using streetsmarts to play in the booksmart league I REPRESENT..the hustle "legal and or illegal" to escape the everyday problems and living conditions of the lower levels of society


Ghetto Gospel

Written By: TyCity Ft Israel Gonzales

I droped out ahead of my class / to get green like the leaves on the mexican flag /they tried to teach me all this rederic trash / but i'm a genius in myself so i knew better that that / and i got better wit rap so now im fine / triganometry aint nver get a nine to five / they open up history books to get a mountain of lies ....on various topics / they never wanna teach us that money is the option.. that can get us out the projects/ away from these crack walls wood floors and leaky faucets ...and just we can flause it we rap play ball sell drugs and bought it and only 1 i outta 3 of them consist of college so tell me mister college how can we get into caollege when all they give us is problems and situations to deal with noviolent drug crimes get treated as killing


Good Look On The Listen due out in summer 2010

Set List

usually range 25-30mins depending on lineup

ghetto gospel
nothing ne
i've arrived
8 ounces