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"Tyger Vinum is the Bomb!!"

“Tyger Vinum is the Bomb!!” - Jeff Hill (WPLH 103.1FM/Tifton, GA) - Jeff Hill (WPLH 103.1FM)

"Hot lyrics, tight delivery, and good songwriting skills"

“The CD is str8 fire!!! I'm waiting for the new joint but till then I'll play Int'l Hustler till the eye in my cd player goes blind. If I had to say anything negative about the album. It would be the track listing! This is one of those albums where its better to listen from last track to first.
Even though the order is a mess the content is DOPE! If you love underground hip-hop with definite mainstream appeal, then grab a copy.” - Invincible Mag
- Invincible Mag

"Will make sure it gets air time"

Matthew Wolowodiuk - (Pebble Beach, CA / KSPB 91.9 FM)

“Will make sure it gets air time this kick off wknd”
- Matthew Wolowodiuk - KSPB 91.9 FM

"The Tyger Vinum album is great."

“The Tyger Vinum album is great. He has that Jedi Mind sound going on. The production is way solid too.” -
(Portland, OR / KLC)

"Tyger Vinum in Saint Petersburg"

(Translated from Russian to English)

June, 17-th in Saint Petersburg in territory of the exhibition centre of
Lenexpo will pass enchantling open air " R’n’B XXL Party " in which western and domestic stars R’n’B and Hip-hop will take part. RnB-Music.ru will present the visitors õåäëàéíåðîâ the project. From Netherlands to St. Petersburg Russia it is delegated Tyger Vinum.
Tyger Vinum is a creative pseudonym for 29 year old Levi James Baldwin III - one of the most original and interesting MC on the European stage. The
first album "International Hustler" (with a hit - single " Mary and I, and
We Keep It”) has left July,
5-th 2004 year. In an album of 12 compositions in which basis lays original beats and strong lyrics.
The presentation of an album has passed in territory of all Europe, and a composition on radio stations (such as 3fm, radio 1). The album can be bought in the largest shops of the UK, USA, Australia and many other countries of the West. In addition to an album, Tyger Vinum has placed on the official website (www.tygervinum.com) both versions of a videoclip "Mary and I," and his performance in the Geoneal Rhythm and Soul Show.

R’n’B XXL Party within the framework of festival “EEMC Music Fest "With 15-th till 18th June within the framework of the international forum of professionals of show business «the Musical Convent » on concert platforms of the best clubs of Saint Petersburg will pass musical
festival “ EEMC Music Fest ”. For the Russian spectators “ EEMC Music Fest ” becomes a unique opportunity to visit concerts of the western executors, the majority from which in Russia will act for the first time. With confidence it is
possible to tell, as actors and public will open for themselves a lot of
new, and that all is guaranteed will take pleasure. June, 17-th enchantling end “ EEMC Music Fest
” becomes final open air " R’n’B XXL Party " with participation of western
stars R’n’B, Hip-hop, House and Dance which will pass in territory of the exhibition centre "Lenexpo". Difference " R’n’B XXL Party " from other parties under mark R’n’B will be that on them will act not only domestic actors, but also the western stars widely known in Europe, Asia and USA. Germany on " R’n’B XXL Party " will represent Raptile - the executor of international scale, whose album „ Classic Material “ was officially issued in 15 countries of the world. Now Raptile privately-owned is the leader German hip-hop / r’n’b movements and the unique German actor whom "have pass on the American market. Dutch reference point Tyger Vinum -
One of the most interesting musicians working in this direction. His trump cards - unusual beats and strong lyrics. Music Janet Gabriel (Great Britain) is a cocktail from ñîóëà, R’n’B, house and dance. She not only is fine externally, but also sings superbly. Support to stars of the first size render: Jetro (Finnish hip-hop/r’n’b a duet), project In Essence (Russia) which executes elegant music in many languages, young and sexy Jane (Russia), and as cheerful POTAP and Friends (Ukraine) known for the positive compositions and remembering performances. More detailed information about " R’n’B XXL Party " and “ EEMC Music Fest ” can be found on our official site: www.eemc.ru. With the EEMC 2005 (June 15-18) on concert platforms of the best clubs of Saint Petersburg will present grandiose international musical festival “EEMC Music Fest.” In total, in frameworks “ EEMC Music Fest ”will pass 16 concerts in various musical genres: fans(amateurs) of improvisation can hear jazz jam; for those who prefer guitar sounds, some concerts are organized; experimental, ethnic and world music are incorporated into mini-festival “Art and Ethic ”. A separate element of the program is a series of dance parties where
pop groups and fashionable
acts will be performing. Places of performances will be the most stylish platforms of city: Plaza, Jet Set, Port, Red Club, Street life, the Mango, etc. June, 17 in Jet Set Plyage is held Russian DJ Award where the authoritative jury will determine the best. Enchantling end of festival becomes final open air “XXL R’n’B Party” with participation of western stars R’n’B, Hip-hop, House and Dance which will pass in
territory of the exhibition centre "Lenexpo". We distinguish “ XXL R’n’B Party ” from other parties under mark R’n’B there will be that on them will act not only domestic actors, but also the western stars - Raptile and Tyger Vinum, widely known in Europe, Asia and USA.
“EEMC Music Fest ” in frameworks «Musical Convent » becomes one of the major cultural events in life of Saint Petersburg. It will be the largest international musical festival, based on the scale and structure of participants. For detailed information visit: www.eemc.tv
- EEMC - Eastern European Music Convention


Tha Infuzion (EP) (2002)
Mary & I (single) (2003)
International Hustler (LP) (2004)
I Maintain (single) (2006)
Welkom 2 Amsteram (single) (2006)
Sinister Ambitionz (LP) (2007)



Tyger Vinum’s highly anticipated sophomore album “Sinister Ambitonz” features collaborations with Planet Asia of the Cali Agents, NLZ of the Wu-Tang Clan and others. He recently did an interview on Juize FM promoting the second single off the album “Welkom 2 Amsterdam,” featuring R&B sensation Chappell from Atlanta and Dutch MC Misstrezz. He has been the number 1 artist on the U.S /U.K Pulse Rated Top 40 charts.

Tyger Vinum is one of the best lyricists in the music business. He makes high octane lyrically driven music that holds the listener to the last note. He performed at club Movida in New York City on November 14th for the HipHop Uncensored Vol. 7 DVD release party. The DVD features interviews, show footage, new music and the "Mary and I" video as a bonus track. He will also appear on the HipHop Uncensored mixtapes and Vol. 8 DVD, coming in 2007. He performed in Miami South Beach during Memorial Day weekend, then toured Chicago, Springfield, New York, and Las Vegas, before returning to Holland. “I Maintain” was the first single off the “Sinister Ambitionz” LP. It received spins by over 5000 DJ’s worldwide and is accompanied by a visually alluring video clip. This video, shot in Houston, Texas has been played on The Box. Tyger Vinum can be found on 2 of this years’ Triple F Unlimited “Unsigned Hype” mixtapes (the #1 mixtape in the U.S.) and the “Best of 2006” mixtape. Tyger Vinum once again displayed his musical diversity by featuring in a new video with rock band “The Flying Camels,” performing a verse from the hit single “We Keep It.”

Tyger Vinum is distributed through the BENELUX (Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands) by Pitar distribution. He has U.S. distribution through CDBaby & Super D in over 2400 physical stores. Tyger Vinum is distributed independently through stores in the U.K., Asia, Australia, Spain, and several other locations. He attended the Popkomm Music Conference in Berlin, Germany and exhibited at the Midem music conference in Cannes, France in January 2007. To date, Tyger Vinum has shot 4 video clips and sold over 40,000 albums worldwide. For more information on Tyger Vinum, Poizonous Pen Publishing Company or Vinumous Records log onto his website www.tygervinum.com, www.myspace.com/tygervinum, or go to www.redmountainblack.com/tygervinum to appreciate the rest of his artistic expressions.