Ty Jones

Ty Jones

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Spirit Filled...Anointed & Appointed by God to change the lives of young people all over the world through Hip-Hop.


I grew up in Dallas, Tx in a single parent home where my mother did the best she could with what she had. I grew up in the church singing in the choir, but in the 3rd grade was introduced to rap music. In 4th grade I began to write my own material. Many of my friends & family never knew I had developed such a passion for rap music until I reached junior high. Where I began to showcase my skills. The response to my style was overwhelming. Once I was accepted I knew reaching my peers through rap music was what I wanted to do. Some of my early influences were Outkast, UGK, Scarface, Jay-Z, Pac & Biggie, but current influences includes the whole 116 Click, Lil Beezy & others paving the way with gospel Hip-Hop. I joined various local labels & groups; nothing ever quite panned out. In 2007 I dedicated my life to Christ after years of trying to break into the recording industry as a hip-hop artist. After that failed I decided that I would just give up Hip-Hop and live my life for Christ, but the love for music was so strong & God kept speaking to me. After about 3 months he let me know that the gift he had given me was meant for me to do good and reach those who are lost. To draw them closer to God with the very music they love so much (Hip-Hop). So now I'm on a mission for God & that's to win souls through a genre of music that is probably the most influential of our time.


I have recorded a number cd's & have also had various radio play, but none of that matters now. All that matters now is what I have done and what I continue to do for Christ, and my most recent work was released in 2008 Titled
"28 Days Make Christ A Habit" The EP.

Set List

My typical set list consist of doing 3 songs which are titled, 1. This far 2. Look at Me 3. Im on Fire. The set is about 15-18 min. long.