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The Cali based rap duo are taking over the streets starting in their hometowns of Los Angels and Compton. They are getting spins on local radio stations like Power 106 and K-DAY with their 2 singles "Strip Tease" and "Make It Work" featuring legendary artist Geogre Clinton from Parliament.


Young Biz (Michael Patterson) and Nexxx (Earl Shannon) are the two artistic poets behind the duo, Tha Tykunz. The pair has been co-writing songs for several years with other artists up until their current anticipated release to the world. Tha Tykunz have performed at the R&B station in Westchester and commanded a standing ovation at the Mixed Nuts Comedy Club. They have also peformed for the Sam Ash "put some treble in it beat battle" and other local events. In March, Tha Tykunz will headline performances at the showcase and party at the 20/20 club in Santa Monica. The showcase will be hosted by Power 106's Mr. Choc and KDAY's Jayne Daniels and the legendary Ernie Singleton. And special guests, Power 106's DJ Raphiki and DJ Skecch of KJLH, spinning all the hottest Hip Hop and RNB.
Also performing will be Aries and Radio. Their Debut album "Welcome To Kalifornia", will be released in the Spring of 2006 and includes the single Strip Tease. Their second single that is set to be release is entitled "Make It Work" featuring legendary artist George Clinton from Parliament.


Make It Work feat. George Clinton
Cried Together
Don't Be Skur'd
Hoochies feat. George Clinton & Parliament
Get Aktive
I Wish I Could Go Back feat. Knotch
West Coast Rider feat. Swizz Cash
Grind So Much
I'm Just Speaking Freely
I Got It feat. Lord G
In These Streets
If I Could feat. Stalliaun
I'ma Pimp feat. Motion
Plead The Fifth feat. Third Eye
Killa Kali
One Night
I See You Look'n At Me feat. Third Eye
Gotta Be More
So What
Strip Tease
They Don't Know feat.Yelle & Knotch
I Know You Think I'm Sexy
I Might Go Loco
Welcome To Kalifornia
You Don't Know Me Like That
Where I'm From feat. Third Eye
Dis Right Here / Aries feat. Tha Tykunz
I Got A Thing For You / Aries feat. Young Biz (Tykunz)
She Gotta Be / Stalliaun feat. Young Biz (Tykunz)
Where You Are / Nexxx feat. J'Miss
Tonight / Nexxx feat. Motion & Knotch

Set List

The Tykunz will usually have a 3 or 4 song sets. The performed songs are Strip Tease, Cried Together, Don't Be Skur'd, Dis Right Here, Welcome To Kalifornia, So What, I'ma Pimp and G500. The chosen songs depend on the venue and event.
The covers are usually between $8-10.