Tylah Hill

Tylah Hill


My music is usally about experiences ive been through and a way to express how i feel.I also see it as a way to change the world.When i perform i like to see the smiles on peoples faces and there reactions it makes me feel soo happy. :D


Im a 14 year-old singer/songwriter from NSW Australia.I love to listen and sing mainly acoustic or pop song but like to mix it up somtimes... I have loved music every since i can remember and would really really love to have a music career!! Many infuences such as Justin Bieber have proved and alway's advises to chase your dreams ,believe in yourself and never say never which I alway's keep that in mind!! I really appreciate my fans and they are all really supportive!! THANKS HEAPS!


I have many origanal song which i have wrote including "One Night One Life" which focuses on feeling free or just letting go and having fun like there is no tommorow!
I also have many cover's of song's such as Jessie J's Price Tag all available on Youtube!