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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"I’d like to call what TyLean has done here as: the twisted side of the state of mind."

Between 10 and 2 is not your usual piece of music by any standards. Vocalist, pianist and cellist, TyLean, has created something here that cannot be matched. A sound and a style all of its own can be heard here where Lean is going in a completely different direction both musically & artistically. The originality factor is turned up high while Ty Lean dares to be outrageously different on this new record.

One thing is for certain and that is that you can’t place this album into a certain category/genre of music. The music or art being portrayed here does have elements of goth rock, classical and even opera due to Lean’s beautifully-toned voice. Her playing of the cello, piano and organ is quite impressive on this new album as well.

Time to dive into this work that will leave you in disbelief by wondering just what the hell is going on. You will shake your head and be astonished by the eccentricity of the entire project. You will enter a world of pure delirium that is TyLean’s mind & being. Lean focuses on such aspects as: despair, human cruelty, her own personal visions of reoccurring nightmares & insanity along with hallucinations and loneliness. The album is said to “chronicle a descent into insanity”, which I completely get now after hearing Between 10 and 2.

The eight-song set oddly starts off with the playing of The Star Spangled Banner. Starting with a patriotic & humbling feel definitely did not set the pace for the rest of the record. Quite the opposite happened as Lean turned to a vision of dark & disturbing pictures. What I heard from TyLean were moments of overly weird sensations mixed with creepy & scary times. Lean incorporates her voice, piano and cello in such an odd fashion. I’d like to call what TyLean has done here as: the twisted side of the state of mind.

I couldn’t help but notice the Halloween-type setting that her music seemed to be set to. Calling Tim Burton & Rob Zombie, I have the perfect score to your next movie here! No joke, I could have seen this as a perfect soundtrack to say Sweeney Todd. It makes sense that Lean studied for her Master’s degree in Music Composition for Film and Television at the University of Bristol in England while also making some short films & documentaries in the process. This ghoulish music could perhaps even make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, who knows!

I can’t leave without mentioning the fine vocals of this talented singer, TyLean. She sings with such passion and in such a pretty manner that’s it crazy to think about blending angelic chops with dark, musical insanity. The classical style of playing mixed with the opera-like approach to singing coinciding with nightmarish sounds makes for one hell of a trip! - Skope

"“Whether you see her as a more ethereal DIAMANDA GALAS or a more volatile TORI AMOS, one can’t argue that the gothic chanteuse TYLEAN leaves an impression.”"

Whether you see her as a more ethereal DIAMANDA GALAS or a more volatile TORI AMOS, one can’t argue that the gothic chanteuse TYLEAN leaves an impression. On her official website, she cautions that her music should not be considered music but as art. After listening to her sophomore release BETWEEN 2 AND 10 (a re-release from 2007 on the BAST label) I am inclined to agree, which is not to say that TYLEAN is without musicality. The Pennsylvania-born TYLEAN showed an aptitude for both acting and singing at an early age. It’s hard to imagine such a nihilistic persona getting her start in children’s choirs and a production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, but that was the gig that got her going. It’s not clear when the transformation from wannabe child actress to nightmarish poetess occurred but it is clear that the latter is here to stay. - Brian Lush - ROCKWiRED

"“Haunting vocals, eerie piano and cello, morbid outlook and just the right amount of kookiness - TyLean's got all the right boxes ticked. ”"

Haunting vocals, eerie piano and cello, morbid outlook and just the right amount of kookiness - TyLean's got all the right boxes ticked. And those boxes have earned her the tag of "a morbidly depressed, nihilistic Tori Amos." It's a mighty accolade for the young singer-songwriter to live up to but surprisingly she manages to succeed where others have failed.

Born in the Pennsylvania sticks some 26 years ago, TyLean came to the UK to study a masters degree and is now living and performing in London. Now that's what you call paying your way through art!

She's currently working on a new album called 'The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable' but before all that, her last CD 'Between 10 and 2' is about to be reissued through Danse Macabre. - Dominion, Terrorizer Magazine


Love Always Dies (Single) - April 2011
The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable (Album) - August 2010
Between 10 and 2 (Album) - December 2007
When All Else Fails (EP) - August 2005



TyLean (vocalist, pianist, and self-proclaimed cello rapist) comes with a disclaimer: Not for the casual listener! In a culture of genres, sub-genres and niches grouping “like-minded” music lovers together, TyLean's meticulously collected fan base share only one common thread: they are all passionate music fans. These are the music fans who give their undivided attention to their musical selections and wouldn't dream of abusing their carefully devised catalogues by playing them as background music.

Since releasing her début, When All Else Fails (EP) in 2005, TyLean has travelled an arduous path in the music business, geographically and emotionally. Her initial musical creations featuring soft, relaxing piano and an ethereal voice accompanied by lyrics that rejoiced in the death of her friends often left listeners throwing their hands in the air with confusion. The songs from the When All Else Fails era can best be described as haunting versions of Tori Amos or Kate Bush.

Between 10 and 2, TyLean's sophomore album, was anticipated to deliver a more commercially acceptable repertoire after the confused reception of When All Else Fails (EP). On the contrary, nothing could have prepared the casual listener for Between 10 and 2, written and recorded in TyLean's native Pennsylvania during the summer of 2007. The songs being far more complex in musical technicality and structure than the When All Else Fails era left the casual listeners even more aloof and the attentive musos feeling as though they had found a great treasure. Songs like “Corner of My Eye” and “Spiders” demonstrated a clear break from mental stability and reality, while “Rosalyn,” the re-creation of a nightmare and the birth-mother of cello rape, could be described as nothing less than disturbing, possibly even revolting. TyLean moved to Bristol, England following the completion of Between 10 and 2, where she released the album in December of 2007.

TyLean's 2010 release, The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable, was written in Bristol in 2008 but took nearly two years to record and release due to the nomadic lifestyle TyLean had acquired. Incessantly moving about the United Kingdom and Ireland, she eventually took root in London, finding a new challenge in taming her phobic performance anxiety. TyLean decided that the best way to learn how to swim was to dive right in, and she recorded her third album in front of a live audience in a single night at an event titled “One Unforgivable, Unforgettable Night with TyLean” at the legendary George Tavern in London. Some of the songs included on The Unforgivable, the Unforgettable feature a return to the simplistic writing style of the When All Else Fails era but with new, luscious vocals enriched by age and experience.

After a period of being Gothic band Attrition's touring vocalist, audiences, enthralled with her hypnotic and powerful voice, became curious about TyLean's unusual solo career. Her stock as performer exploded as word spread that a TyLean show is an intimate, intense experience unlike any other. In February 2011, TyLean toured the UK with San Francisco's Unwoman. In April, TyLean will return to Canada, one of her strongest fan bases, for another tour followed by two appearances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland in August.