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Tyler and Kyle



You haven't heard anything quite like this before...

Chesapeake, Virginia native Tyler Cain (Sarah Buxton, Bering Strait, Ashley Monroe, Jordan Pruitt) and Los Angeles native Kyle Whalum (Sweet T, Stacie Orrico, Kirk Whalum, MuzikMafia) share similar, yet distinct, stories. Both have been playing music for most of their lives. Both attended high schools for the performing arts. Both attended Belmont University, where they first forged their musical partnership. And both have worked with some of the most respected musicians in Music City and beyond. But the unique sound of Tyler & Kyle lies in their diverse musical backgrounds. While both are skilled across virtually all genres, Tyler's background has more country and rock influences, which melt into Kyle's roots in soul, funk, and metal to form a sound that truly cannot be crammed into any particular stylistic box. And it is the duo's dichotomy of musical diversity that has helped Tyler & Kyle craft tunes that have turned the Nashville independent music scene on its collective ear.

Tyler & Kyle are currently completing production on their upcoming, self-produced full-length album, "Three Feet from Gold," which will be released with an accompanying 45-minute DVD. "Three Feet from Gold" promises to not only be stylistically diverse, but also rife with honesty and relevant subject matter. Consider the paradox of "Life is a Rhythm," with its driving, happy music, but sobering lyrical content, all the while filled with tight harmonies and addictive guitar hooks. Some of the duo's jazz influences surface on "What's Left of Me," a strikingly relatable and catchy song about being on the receiving end of a relationship's demise. On "Healthy & Happy," the listener may be surprised to encounter some of the better elements of early southern rock, beginning with the first downbeat, not to mention harmonies that suggest a conflagration of the British Invasion and '60s California rock. And the list goes on… While the listener's ears will surely be entertained by the diverse music and the duo's enviable chops, it is the honesty of the music, the openness of the lyrics, and the sincerity of the art that shine through most brightly and keep the listener coming back.

Aside from their music – which speaks for itself – Tyler & Kyle have also carved out a niche with their high-energy live shows, which feel more like a party than a mere performance, since you never quite know what's going to happen…you just know you're going to be entertained. And to push themselves even farther outside the proverbial box, "Tyler & Kyle TV" will be making its YouTube debut in the spring of 2008.

With their unique songs, unflinching honesty, and outside-the-box thinking, Tyler & Kyle simply aren't like anybody else. Find out for yourself why they're being called the New Sound of Nashville.


upcoming full-length release "Three Feet From Gold" out in early January 2008