tyler bender band

tyler bender band

 Westfield, Indiana, USA

We've played nearly every Indianapolis venue and been featured on local radio station 99.5wzpl as well as WISHTV's Indy Style.

our band is inspired by Ryan Adams, Coldplay, The Format and other similar bands.

We try to inject every live performance with energy and emotion from start to finish.


Tyler Bender describes himself as a lyricist who happens to also play music. Full of emotion and sentimental energy, his poignant and catchy sounds bring a distinct energy to any stage. Whether he's singing about winning or losing, loving or hurting, he is making a name for himself by placing everything he has into every one of his words and songs. Using artists such as Ryan Adams, The Format, Coldplay and Counting Crows as inspiration, Tyler is constantly writing and rediscovering new ways to dig deeper into the pulse of life's energy. With the addition of Jon Graybeal [lead guitar], Andy Liu [keys, guitar], Ryan Billingsley [bass], and Brian Raves [drums], the unique alternative-pop-rock sound came to fruition. Heartfelt lyrics with catchy and soulful melodies make and evening with Tyler Bender an emotional journey through stories of broken hearts, ill-fated endings and youthful idealism. No matter the size of the venue or the mood of the song, the intimacy in the moments with Tyler Bender is undeniably unforgettable.


Chicago Sessions: 2008
From Comet to Calm: 2009