Tyler Bettge

Tyler Bettge


Acoustic driven pop/rock. All of the songs are about life experiences. From relationships to faith, and everything in between.


When I was in junior high I was looking at my name backwards and realized that it spelled "relyt". It was at this point that I knew the perfect title for my debut CD without ever writing a note of music. In college this dream came to fruition after I took a songwriting class and realized that was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. About a year and 12 songs later I was finished with my first CD in which I appropriately called "Re-Light". I liked this title so much because I felt it spoke volumes about everybody's lives, with just one word. When people get burned out with their jobs, or just with life in general, they need their passion re-lit. They need to remember why they were doing what they were doing in the first place. My biggest opinion about music is that it's not simply a way to get a paycheck, but it's a voice and a way to speak into people's lives without ever meeting them. That's why I do what I do.


Re-Light (Oct. 2007) www.myspace.com/tbettge

Set List

The Rest
Temptation Song
Grey Skies
Where the Heart Is
My Way Around
What Then?