Tyler Bettge

Tyler Bettge

 Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

Tyler Bettge writes positive music. Sure, you can label it "Christian" if you want, but to him it's much deeper than that. His music speaks of hope, love, and truth as tangible things, because he believes they are. His message is bigger than music, much bigger than himself.


I grew up around music, and had an ear for it from an early age. It wasn't until college that I thought I could be a songwriter. After taking a songwriting class and getting positive feedback from my material, I decided to go for it. I went in the studio and recorded what would become my debut CD, "Re-Light" in November 2007. I like to think that my songs are unique because I write from personal experience and observation. I like to write about anything from love, hate, jealousy, and greed to hope, faith, and grace. One of my biggest influences is the Bible. There is no other place to get timeless, true messages than there. My goal is not to become a superstar and sell a million records, but to have my music heard. That is the point of music, in my opinion, to share thoughts and ideas with everybody who will listen. I continue to play shows in the greater L.A. area and am currently working on my sophomore album, due to be out in summer of ’09.


Temptation Song

Written By: Tyler Bettge

Temptation’s at my door, and he’s been lingering, telling me to let him in
But I know something more, that the one who lives in me, is greater then the enemy

And I will sing, of the one who brings…

Me to new life, me to this place, me to my knees, me to his grace
Providing a way for me to stand, holding me up in the palm of his hand

Temptation knows my name and he’s been callin it as if he owned any part of it
But I am not the same, since the one who rescued me, has defeated the enemy


Written By: Tyler Bettge

You’re finally on the right track now tryin to reach your destination
The question isn’t when, but how you’re really gonna get there
Scared of falling and failing you walk outside the door
Feeling lost and in confusion of the something’s you want more

I give myself to you to help you get where you’re going
Sometimes you’ve got to choose between the good and the best
I promise that I’ll do anything you need me to
To help to get you to…your destination

Leaving all you knew behind, you step out on your own
Knowing faith is flying blind, when you’re not sure where to go

Please make yourself at home
Please make yourself
Go make yourself


Written By: Tyler Bettge

We’re so bored, Fighting repetition in this never ending war
We want more, But trying to find it is…

Easier said than done, always looking out for number one
Whose the one with the smoking gun??

Take it back, I’m surprised we’re not all dying from consumer heart attacks
White or black, cause finding the gray is

Easier said than done, walking this race that should be run,
when did we come undone?

Re-light the fire in me
Always looking for the things I need
Wandering through the discrepancies
Won’t you Re-light, the fire in me

We’re so bold, warm gestures mixed with cold shoulders
It’s getting old, but whose gonna buy that…

It’s Easier said than done, when you’re looking out for number one,
I’m the one with the smoking gun.

Re-light the fire in me
Always looking for the things I need
Wandering through discrepancies
Won’t you Re-light
I know I’ve made a mess
Of life and love and everything else
Please save me from myself
Won’t you Re-light, the fire in me

We don’t know how much time we have
So live like it’s your last…


Re-Light 2007

Set List

My set lists differ from 20 min to an hour, depending on how long the venue wants me to play.
The Rest
Grey Skies
Temptation Song
What Then?